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Crypto Market News: AltSignals Announces Token Presale, With Ground-Breaking ActualizeAI Tool Set To Help Traders Get an Edge

Alice Davies

The Crypto market grapevine has been awash with the news that the popular trading community AltSignals has launched the presale of its native ASI token. Following enormous success as a trading signals provider, AltSignals is looking to offer its community access to a whole new range of AI-powered trading signals.

Telegram investor groups have been buzzing about the news of the ASI presale, with new as well as experienced traders already signaling their intention to get involved in one of the most exciting new investment opportunities this year. Here’s more on why AltSignals looks like a crypto trading game changer.

The ASI presale is an investment opportunity

2023 looks set to be the year of AI, with ChatGPT leading the way in AI-enabled technologies sweeping the market. AltSignals’ ASI presale event is a superb opportunity for anyone with an interest in AI to get involved with a brand new way of receiving trading signals before anyone else.

Seasoned traders already know the value of using trading signal tools, like AltSignals, to maintain the edge. The impending launch of the ASI token sets the platform apart from its competitors, with the coin set to give holders access to groundbreaking AI-powered trading indicators that tirelessly search for market pointers 24/7 , allowing traders to move early in order to increase their success rate.

Almost 500 reviews verify AltSignals trading satisfaction score of 4.9/5 on Trustpilot. This outstanding reputation has been built on backtests from AltSignals indicators that boasted a 70-83% success rate on Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) trades most months, confirming the importance of comprehensive access to trading signals in order to make the best-informed decisions.

The ASI presale is one of the best opportunities to buy this new token at a discounted price before its release on to centralized and decentralized exchanges. The value of holding ASI tokens will be unleashed through engagement with the AltSignals platform and trading toolkit.

What is AltSignals?

AltSignals is a market leader in trading signals. Since its launch in 2017, the platform has been working to develop and deliver the best algorithm-based indicators across crypto markets. The release of the Actualize AI capability will provide even greater technical analysis across a large range of cryptocurrencies, including BTC and ETH, to its growing community of traders. 

In the past five years, AltSignals has grown at a remarkable rate, with users globally flocking to the platform thanks to the trustworthy trading signals provided. By developing and then utilizing AI capability to further inform signals on its daily crypto trades, Binance futures, CFD, shares and Forex, AltSignals is intending to  move to the vanguard of the AI-crypto revolution and looks set to become a standard-bearer for what is possible with AI-informed trading.

AltSignals is best known for its cutting-edge AltAlgo™ indicator tool, a pioneering trading indicator that scans markets in real time and provides traders with information on the optimal time to buy or sell. The tracker is fully customizable and has been proven to help investors make more effective and profitable trading decisions.

Trading indicators like the AltAlgo™ provide highly accurate results, helping traders save time researching. For example, the indicators traded with an outstanding 83.56% success rate on BTC and an impressive 70.09% on ETH during backtesting. In addition, the indicator helps reduce the emotional aspect of trading and simplifies the challenge of maintaining an up-to-date diverse portfolio.

How does AltSignals work?

It Provides both technical analysis and trading signals for a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, on a regular basis using its proven algorithmic tool  AltAlgo™.

Cryptocurrency traders can use these signals to make better and more informed decisions about when to buy and sell. 

It has grown at an astounding rate over the past five years, with users around the world relying on and trusting AltSignals’ trading signals – whether it be crypto, Binance futures, Forex, CFDs, or shares. 

In addition to offering a wealth of trading reports on its website, AltSignals prides itself on transparency.

ActualizeAI is the game-changing AI trading tool set to launch on AltSignals and will be made available to ASI token holders who hold 50000 tokens first. Those with more ASI tokens will gain increasing levels of access to the ActualizeAI ecosystem. Buying early in the presale could be a very rewarding decision.

Calling on the trading expertise of the AltSignals team, while leveraging machine learning, predictive modeling, and NLP (natural language processing), ActualizeAI will further boost the accuracy and volume of signals that AltAlgo™ delivers.    

The AI Members Club is set to launch in conjunction with the ASI token. This group will help drive the platform and token forward. ASI coin holders that sign up for the group will receive beta access to new AltSignals releases and earn tokens as they contribute valuable feedback. As new products are completed, members of the group will have exclusive access for a limited period.

What is ASI?

The ASI coin is an ERC-20 crypto token set to power the new ActualizeAI platform. One attractive use case is to offer coin holders beta access to the latest trading signals and algorithms before anyone else. ASI token holders can also use their tokens as a stake to enter prize draws and trading tournaments, and participate in governance decisions on the platform.

In order to access the sought-after trading information, all ASI token holders will eventually have the opportunity to  gain exclusive access to the ActualizeAI signals algorithm and be eligible to join the AI Members Club on provision that they hold the required quantity of  ASI tokens. Club members can also be rewarded for contributing to the group through the Innovate2Earn scheme. This is in addition to exclusive access to discounts on trading bot subscriptions and other AltSignals services.

AltSignals will also give incentives to investors who hold more tokens. Token holders with the most tokens will be able to access new tools first. 

Is ASI worth buying?

News of AltSignals’ exciting plans has already hit crypto market news outlets, with eager investors keen to take advantage of this excellent presale investment opportunity. The ASI token will launch in presale at $0.012 in March, a value that already looks underpriced.

ASI’s value will rise in stages during the presale, giving investors time to profit from entering in prior stages. It will be interesting to see if ASI will hit $1 sometime in 2023 when crypto market news outlets report that ASI has hit the exchanges.

You can participate in the ASI presale here.

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