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Ethereum Price Index – Real-time ETH rate

Ethereum Price Index – Real-time ETH rate

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Ethereum Price Summary

At the time of writing, Ethereum was trading at a market 24-hour high of $351.81 with a trading volume of $12,826,118,188. Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency in the world and is one of the most sought after digital assets globally, with a market capitalisation rivalled only by Bitcoin

Ethereum’s recent market success comes after years of erratic market trading prices. The latest financial momentum has many wondering where Etherum’s price will go in 2020 and beyond. This comes after ETH doubled its price point from around the $200 mark to the $400 mark earlier this year. Many expect to see the cryptocurrency potentially reach its previous all-time high of $1200 or even surpass it. 

Notably, it is essential to remember that caution should be exercised when trading or looking into trading history due to market volatility. It is crucial to do your research to minimise the risk and maximise the potential profit margin. Ethereum is a digital currency, and as such, is volatile; however, with proper assessment, this volatility can be used as an excellent way to make money. 

Ethereum Price History

Ethereum is considered one of the cryptocurrency giants, entering the market in 2015 with an impressive ICO offering of $18 million that it managed to accrue in a timeframe of 42 days. Ethereum has continued to be vital for the initial coin offerings arena due to its revolutionary approach to decentralised application technology. 

When Ethereum entered the market, it began trading at $2.80 but soon found itself selling at a range of $1. This would continue into and through 2015 as all cryptocurrencies were suffering through a prolonged bear market. In 2016, the markets began to rise, and Ethereums price continued to grow before it shot up to above $13 where it consolidated. In 2016, the same year that Ethereum showed continued success, an effective system hack caused prices to plummet, and this digital currency found itself trading at $12 before continuing to slide to $6.30. 

The DAO hack of 2016 saw Ethereum split into two cryptocurrencies, namely Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. An individual or group managed to exploit a weakness in the code and stole $50 million. The decision to hard fork Ethereum reversed this transaction and returned the funds. However, this decision has led to heated debate in a number of cryptocurrency circles as many question ETH’s immutability due to this rollback. The DAO hack led to negative price trends for the cryptocurrency, but this wasn’t to last. 

The year 2017 ushered in a new bull market. Ethereum started 2017 off at a market trading value of $8.23 and ended the year off at an astounding $742. The 2017 bull run contributed to Ethereum's exponential growth of over 13000%, but another event occurred alongside this that lent to Ethereum's market success in 2017. This event was the ICO era. Ethereum became the ICO platform for 2017; if you wanted to participate in the ICO, you had to buy ETH first. This era saw a colossal price rise in the digital currency, which instigated the subsequent market rise across all cryptocurrencies, leading to never before seen market trading prices. 

Due to market volatility, Ethereum could not hope to sustain its all-time market high of $1432 that it reached in January of 2018, so it dropped down to $131.37. 

2019 saw ETH prices rise and fall, but they did not get anywhere near the high of $1432. However, the cryptocurrency did manage to outperform most digital currencies on the market that year. 2020 is the year that Ethereum is rapidly rising and potentially could reach even further than its previous all-time high. 

Ethereum Price Prediction

We cannot look to 2020’s price predictions without first considering the reality that crypto market trading is extremely volatile and that we should never invest more than we can afford to lose. There is, of course, much that we can learn from Ethereum's market predictions. Many aspects and developing situations need to be examined to better understand where Ethereum will go in 2020 and beyond.

When we look at the predictions for Ethereum, it is vital to consider the factors that are the basis for these projections. Then we can begin to understand how these factors influence the predictions. International events, expert opinions, and various technical analysis methods should be used when predicting the future of ETH. 

Ethereum current price

The year 2020, with the emergence of the coronavirus event, has seen many cryptocurrencies like Ethereum rising on the markets. Increased investor and trader interest in crypto markets are positively influencing market trends and prices, as opposed to the adverse effects it is having on traditional fiat currencies. In June, Ethereum was trading at just under $400, and this can be partly attributed to the increased interest it has received during the global pandemic.

According to numerous expert opinions, Ethereum is set to grow tremendously this year with the potential to skyrocket in years to come. This is partly due to the Ethereum 2.0 update that is expected to improve upon the current system. This update is set to move Ethereum to a proof of stake consensus and is said to be increasing transaction amounts, potentially allowing for more users to be active on the network. With the decreased energy requirements of proof of stake, this could certainly become a reality. Experts are now predicting Ethereum achieve a price range close to that of its all-time high.

Ethereum price analysis

Technical analysis graphs are showing Ethereum forming a rare Adam and Eve double bottom chart pattern. At the moment, ETH is testing the maximum resistance for this pattern formation. If Ethereum manages to push through the resistance, it is predicted that this digital currency could reach $1150 in the short term. If it doesn’t manage to do this, the worst-case scenarios are expecting ETH to fall potentially for the long term to $50 until another significant market change. 

Looking onwards from 2020, Ethereum is optimistically speculated to become the new gold by some analysts. Many believe that this cryptocurrency could fall in a range of $3842 in the next five years. 

However, it is essential to note that no one can predict with clear certainty of how Ethereum will be performing in the distant future. Many factors determine cryptocurrency prices, and it’s impossible to know the future. Therefore these speculated predictions should not be counted on but instead used as a guide to the potential that could transpire. 

Ethereum Exchange Rate vs USD

Just like all other assets, the price of Ether is also gauged in the US Dollar. Ethereum exchange rate verses dollar as well as other currencies can be checked out on our website. We aim to show the most accurate ethereum exchange rate on our website but it may still be slightly different from yours because of varying prices in different exchanges.

Expert Tip on the Price of ETH

Ethereum 2.0 uses a proof of stake consensus mechanism to create improved security measures and increase scalability. Ethereum 2.0 will introduce proof of stake beacon chain, and Ether will have the capability to be staked, with individuals and companies able to earn interest on the amount of ETH they commit to the network consensus. This is lending to a new trend; the emergence of decentralised finance. DeFi is the first layer in a decentralised economy, and Ethereum is paving the way for enterprises to adopt new and ever more innovative applications.
- Hassan Maishera

About Ethereum

Ethereum is not only a cryptocurrency but also a distributed open-source blockchain network with smart contract functionality. This cryptocurrency was founded in 2015 by Vatalik Buterin and Gavin Wood. It’s important to note that Ethereum forked and split into Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. Ethereum has its own currency called Ether, much the same as how Stellar has Lumens. 

In essence, Ethereum is a decentralised network with immense functionality and almost unlimited applications. For example, it can be used in healthcare through the storing and sharing of patient information. It can also be used for improving election polling systems, increasing efficiency and transparency. Smart contracts can be used to make direct transactions with minimum risk involved. Additionally, Ethereum can also be used for the building of decentralised applications (dApps).

Significantly this digital currency is partnered with some huge names that are making Ethereum their platform of choice amidst stiff competition. JP Morgan has used the Ethereum platform to launch the digital USD, Amazon web services have made Ethereum the new blockchain standard, and astonishingly Microsoft Azure has built its cloud storage platform on top of the Ethereum platform. 

Ethereum Value Compared to Other Cryptocurrencies

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. All crypto trading has risks involved; it is vital to do your research before embarking into Ethereum trading. In 2020, Ethereum is expected to potentially reach new all-time highs. As such, should the markets remain the same or improve, ETH could be a good investment.

  2. Ethereum 2.0 is not replacing Ethereum; it is merely updating the network with a different model of consensus.

  3. No, not exactly. Ethereum’s main focus is on the programming code of decentralized applications, whereas Bitcoin focuses mainly on tracking digital currency ownership.

  4. Ether is the currency that powers the Ethereum network.

  5. $150 million was raised during the crowd scale in May 2016.

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