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Author: Ali Raza

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Zcash Price Summary

At the time of writing, Zcash (ZEC) price just returned above the $100 mark after dropping below it some 10 days ago for the first time since February of this year. However, the crypto market seems to be seeing a strong recovery—one that even allowed Bitcoin to go back above $38,000. 

Meanwhile, Zcash is currently at $106, after growing by about 8% in the last 24 hours. Of course, the coin is still very low, given its performance throughout the year. At its highest level in 2021, it managed to climb up to $350, which is not even scratching the surface when it comes to reaching its former ATH of $3,191.

Of course, it is understandable why Zcash is performing so poorly. After all, authorities around the world have been doing everything in their power for years to make it difficult, if not impossible to reach and trade privacy coins—cryptocurrencies whose transactions cannot be traced. Their potential to hide the identity and other details of their users and the payments they make can turn them into a dangerous tool for online criminals, terrorists, and alike, so privacy coins have received a lot of regulatory attention in recent years. So these days, they are unable to shine as bright as the rest of the crypto industry. 

Zcash Price History

Zcash has had a rich history, starting at the price of $5,941 on October 29th, 2016, just around the time when it was first listed on CoinMarketCap. Since launch, however, its price kept crashing until it dropped to its bottom at $30. During the 2018 bull run, the coin skyrocketed back up, although this time, it only went up to around $880. It reached this price in early 2018, and then, as the crypto industry started entering the three-year-long bearish period, ZEC kept going further and further down.

For the next three years, its price fluctuated between $30 and $100, constantly fluctuating between the two levels. But even though it was subjected to a lot of regulatory hurdles, and still is, it managed to see huge volumes traded every day for a while.

Right now, the coin’s price is simply following the market, although it is not as if Zcash itself is not making moves to date. For example, it recently invested $670,000 in Tor to develop a new coding language, Arti.

Other than that, Zcash has not been particularly common in the news, other than for short-term price predictions and analysis. The fact is that the coin still has a strong community, consisting of those who can still find ways to use it, and that community has kept it alive for years even though its market cap has been slipping compared to other coins.

Zcash Price Prediction

Privacy cons are not in the centre of the attention anymore, which leaves them on the margin of the industry. They are free to continue to exist, although they were made impractical to invest in. This is because exchanges were forced to drop them in order to keep their licenses to do business.

With that said, it is difficult to say whether Zcash can ever reach its 2018 levels, let alone its ATH. It is certainly not impossible, especially when it comes to the latter, but it would require some rather specific circumstances for it to happen. For the most part, ZEC seems to follow the market and rarely strikes out on its own, so its performance can be expected to continue to mirror the broad market changes.

ZEC is still a thriving project, that much is not being questioned, but if the efforts to put privacy coins further out of reach continue, the future might not be that good for the likes of Zcash and its peers.

Expert Tip on the Price of ZEC

Zcash’s price performance seems to strictly follow the performance of the broader crypto market. With that said, in monitoring one coin, traders can see what is happening with the other. Since the market’s performance is largely dictated by Bitcoin, it all comes down to the world’s largest currency once again. ZEC is currently not at its bottom, and it is seeing considerable growth. Plus, its recent efforts to create a new coding language might be an indicator that the project has some sort of a plan to get back out there, and make itself available once more.
- Ali Raza

About Zcash

Zcash is a cryptocurrency that is unlike most other coins these days. Back in the early days of digital coins, crypto users believed that paying with digital currencies are guaranteed to offer anonymity. In fact, back then, this really was the case. However, crypto transactions turned out to be fairly easy to trace once blockchain explorers were created, and due to the exchanges being forced to introduce KYC procedures, it became easy to determine who is who and what are they doing with their coins.

This is why privacy coins were invented—cryptos that use special, custom-made technologies to hide transactions and their users’ identities, offering true privacy of payment. Of course, this can be a dangerous tool in the hands of online criminals, which is why governments and regulators around the world started forcing exchanges to drop privacy coins, which many of them did in order to continue operating. Zcash suffered the same fate, and it is now available on a rather limited number of platforms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. It can, although it seems that it can only grow as part of the wider market. Zcash’s price is making very few moves on its own.
  2. Yes, they are, thanks to the coin’s unique technology. This is good for those who wish to use it to make anonymous transfers, although it has put the coin in a difficult position.
  3. Cryptocurrencies prices are affected by many factors such as news, upcoming developments and rumours. Zcash price usually rises following the broader crypto market but its price has also been known to fall rather quickly.
  4. Like any other crypto apart from stablecoins, Zcash price is very volatile due to the fact that it lacks a real-world asset that would give its price a stable value.
  5. ZEC is different from others due to the unique technology that allows it to make anonymous, untraceable payments. It aims to empower crypto users by shielding them from the eyes of anyone who would try to figure out how much money the user has or what they are doing with it, which poses a danger to the governments, banks and regulators.
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