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Editorial Policy

Cointext is a platform that provides readers with insights into the world of cryptocurrencies. We also regularly cover all of the latest news developments within the blockchain ecosystem and related technologies. Along with providing news and insights, Cointext also acts as a guide for individuals looking to invest in a range of crypto and altcoins.

We wanted to create an environment where both the beginner and expert could learn more about Cryptocurrency. Because of this, our guides cover everything from how to get started in Cryptocurrency all the way to advanced information on specific blockchain technology. We connect users with marketplaces and trading platforms where they have the option to view and invest in tradable coins such as DASH, NEO, and of course, the forefather of Cryptocurrency; Bitcoin.

As the world of Cryptocurrency continues to grow, platforms like Cointext play a vital role in educating people on the benefits and advantages of Cryptocurrency and the Blockchain. We aim to create a transparent pathway for those seeking investment opportunities in these groundbreaking technologies.

Aims and Objectives

The aim of Cointext is to provide readers with highly researched and accurate information surrounding all areas of crypto and blockchain technology.

As such, we aim to be on the forefront of creating clear and concise content which readers can use as a guide, when entering these technologies. Our guides will vary, but have the sole aim of providing absolute transparency to potential  new entrants in this space.

That being said,  all contributors on our platform are required to notify us of any  conflicts of interest the content they create may have. Be it personal investments or otherwise, all content published aims to be unbiased and not misleading to our readers. Therefore, we do not receive financial incentive or payment from third parties to publish guides or news content.

We act as a non advisory platform and do not intend to promote any financial investment. Any opinions held by our contributors are that of their own, and not the views of Coin list.

Our Revenue

The platform generates revenue from advertising, research and events within the cryptocurrency space. Coin list does not hold any investments in the cryptocurrency markets.  We have a further explanation on how we make money on our Risk Warning and Disclaimer page.

Our comments Policy

We encourage user engagement on the platform, as such comments can be made to the majority of our posts. Below are the guidelines which you must be aware of.

We do not accept or promote:

  • Threatening language
  • Slander of our writers or public figures
  • Discrimination on the basis of race, religion, gender or sexuality
  • Breaches in copyright
  • Commercial Spam
  • Seeking tips or financial compensation
  • Personal information

Our team of moderators will remove all comments that do not respect these guidelines.

Help us regulate the site

If you happen to come across any information or comments on the site which violate the above, please contact us at [email protected] and we will look to amend if found to be as such.

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