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Why trust us?

In this digital age of seemingly limited choice for how and where we receive our news, it can be difficult to overcome the paralysis of choice each of us can face.

This is particularly true for financial news and especially important for cryptocurrency and financial trading news.

We understand the importance of having the facts right which is why the news process at this site is a multi-layered process to ensure the accuracy of information. All the content is fact-checked by our editorial team at various stages. The site uses APIs from various sources such as CoinMarketCap and CoinAPI to provide and constantly update the prices and graphs that form an integral part of our articles. This ensures that the information on the site is backed by powerful research, statistics and data. 

To ensure that the content we produce is to a high standard, we use a lengthy editorial process to make sure everything we publish is error-free, factually correct and has original analysis.

This process is safeguarded by our team of editors who make sure every line of text is scrutinised and verified before approval.

We are also committed to high editorial standards for the ethicacy, reputability and quality of all of the site’s output.

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