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Bitcoin Up Test & Review - Scam or Not?

We are aware of numerous websites which use false celebrity endorsements to send customers to unregulated brokers or call centers. Our website will only send customers to partners who have provided us with the required regulatory assurances. This is a marketing offer and our regulated partners will indicate what services they have available upon registration.

Bitcoin (BTC) trading volume is measured in the billions of dollars.  

In recent years BTC has posted aggregate ROI (return on investment) exceeding 3,500% surpassing the performances of almost every global index. There will only ever be 21 million bitcoins in circulation, making it a finite asset class.

As Bitcoin has increased in value, it was only a matter of time before cryptocurrency bots emerged. Bitcoin Up is a leading example of some of the best performing bots: all you need to know is presented in this Bitcoin Up review guide.

What is Bitcoin Up?

Bitcoin Up is designed to optimise NLP-Natural Language Processing for the purpose of optimising trading profits by aggregating and interpreting Bitcoin breaking news and reports.

The AI functionality of this trading app makes it possible to beat the market by up to 0.001 seconds, thanks to its quick response time. Changes in Bitcoin’s price can be forecast by the app and thereby initiate and produce profitable trades.

Who is Behind Bitcoin Up?

The creators of the app have not released their identities, much like the original creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. However, the bot has a team in charge of its operations and works closely with reputable brokers that are regulated in their individual countries of operation.

With a network of brokers available to ensure investors have access to the bot, the credibility of Bitcoin Up is further strengthened.

Who is Behind Bitcoin Up?

How to Use Bitcoin Up

1. Register

Bitcoin Up requires that users register a free account using an email address, a functional telephone number and their full name. You will have to click on a confirmation link sent to your email address to verify that the new account request is valid. To verify your identity, you need to provide a means of identification like a national passport or driver’s licence. Once your verification succeeds, you will be notified immediately.

2. Make a Deposit

The minimum deposit amount is $250, which must be in your trading account to activate your account. Your deposit will be confirmed within 24 hours of payment if not immediately. You need to take note that your means of deposit might affect how fast your deposit appears in your account. You can either use a credit or debit card payment or a bank deposit. Other accepted payment methods are Neteller, SEPA deposits, Skrill and compatible Bitcoin wallets and Bitcoin Cash wallets.

3. Demo Accounts

Using the demo account is a great way to improve your understanding of how Bitcoin Up works to gain a better understanding before depositing your actual funds. Since there is no actual movement of funds involved in dummy accounts, you can make mistakes and correct yourself before proceeding to a live trade.

4. Start Trading

Before you start trading, you need to set your daily trading amount, the withdrawal frequency and preferred withdrawal method. It is better you link your bank account as it remains the safest method for transactions and payments.

You should also add other risk management steps like activating a stop-loss so if prices are on a downtrend, you can stem your losses and trigger an immediate sell-off.

5. Take Your Profits

Taking your profits is an important step that new traders need to learn. While it is good to be optimistic, it is better to adhere to the recommendations of proven investors who would pay themselves continually by withdrawing profits.  You should withdraw your profits daily to your bank account. 

Key Features of Bitcoin Up

There are shared features between several cryptocurrency trading bots. While many of these features are identifiable, others might be distincting, but are worth mentioning.


This digital currency trading app is reported by investors on the bot homepage to have an accuracy rate up to 99%. This also means that a lot more people can make profits from individual daily trades. That the trading app allows for 100% withdrawal of trading profits with no hidden charges shows up in the daily payout on the bot. An excellent payout rate is a notable feature of Bitcoin Up.

The Verification Process

A simple verification process is what investors experience on the crypto trading app. With just a few minutes needed to go through this step, many investors will be at ease to tag along. You need an international passport, a driver’s license or national ID card or some other government issued ID card to validate your account information.

After submitting the details, you will get an instant response if the picture quality is clear and no divergence exists in the account information and ID provided.

Verification of users is important for complying with AML/KYC requirements of regulatory agencies. This step also helps to protect the platform integrity.

The Withdrawal Process for Bitcoin Up

Bitcoin Up allows its users to withdraw all profits with no charges. What you need to do is ensure that you have selected a withdrawal method supported by the bot. After linking the payment method successfully, you can begin to process your profits and withdraw with ease. To make a withdrawal, you need to submit a withdrawal request, which gets processed within 24 hours.

Costs and Fees

Using fiat payments and making withdrawals costs zero fees on the platform. Most withdrawals would reflect within 24 hours and others could go through instantly. If you are using overseas banking, you could wait for up to 24 hours before the money will reflect in your account.

Customer Service

The bot user will be able to access customer service from the online chat app within the account dashboard. Immediate responses are often possible except when there is a queue before you send your query across. Where delays occur, you are likely to receive a response in a few hours.

Affiliated Brokers

The Bitcoin Up crypto trading app ensures that reputable and regulated brokers are available in many countries. You will be matched with a local broker when your registration is successful. Each broker makes it possible for investors to access the app using their internal platform.

A high standard of operational procedures is adhered to by the brokers so that customer accounts and data are safeguarded and shielded from unauthorised access.

Is Bitcoin Up a Scam?

While bot scams are real in the cryptocurrency market, traders should be at ease with Bitcoin Up. The app website has several user reviews, and we registered an account, we were also able to access the trading platform to attest to its credibility. With several reports on financial service and global markets highlighting the reputation of the app and the numerous investors that applaud Bitcoin Up, it is safe to say this is a legit and credible crypto trading app.

5 Reasons to Use Bitcoin Up for Trading

There are enough reasons to use Bitcoin Up that an investor will consider worthwhile. We have highlighted some of these features here. 

1. Intuitive User Interface

The app comes with an easy-to-use layout that requires no technical skill to be understood. Data sets are easy to update and trading information is presented in a clear way. Daily trade summaries are available just by clicking on the portfolio icon. Percentage changes in portfolio status are displayed side-by-side, while the total value of investments and profits available for withdrawal are displayed.

2. Boasts Market-Leading Win-Rate

A win rate of 90 percent is very commendable when looking at such a volatile sector such as the cryptocurrency market. Since the reviews of investors on the app are available on the app website, they represent a credible voice that shows the rating of the bot. Several competitors in the bot market have average win rates that fall short of the record of Bitcoin Up. This gives the bot a huge advantage in the competitive market of trading bots.

3.Faster than Manual Trading

Many Bitcoin traders are able to look at charts to judge how the market will behave. However, by the time analysis can be completed, the data presented can be of little use and obsolete due to new data that has emerged.

With Bitcoin Up, as developments unfold, the app already factors this into its market analysis to identify winning trades and automatically act on them. While manual traders are still reading news, the bot can crunch the data and execute several trades, making trading robots more suitable for scalping trades.

4. Smart Analytics

This is one feature of Bitcoin Up that attracts the attention of many traders. Since Bitcoin is the most traded and most acceptable cryptocurrency, it suffices to say that market information on Bitcoin is seen as the most sought-after. Smart analytics allows the bot to immediately curate developments and breaking news and decipher them for ready gains. To depend on an alternate means to trade the market will lead to suboptimal results.

5. Remove Human Error

Human errors occur for different reasons. To recognize that they exist is a first step to avoiding them.  This factor exemplifies the need for auto trading and Al analytics. Human errors can be caused by fatigue, emotional conflict as well as known or unconscious distractions that could be unavoidable.

To avoid human error, a more efficient replacement should be put in place. This is what Bitcoin Up provides as it is rated to be optimized to make the best of NLP so that the opportunities for profitability can be maximised. Bitcoin Up prioritizes auto trading and the investor has more to gain with this feature.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bitcoin Up


Better returns on investment
Auto trading
Accesses AI possibilities
It is cued to avoid losses


No alternative trading pairs
Brokers could be unavailable in some territories.

Bitcoin Up review: Our Conclusion

Bitcoin has emerged as the premier cryptocurrency and continues to record more than 57% market domination in crypto market capitalization. With such a market weighting, trading apps geared towards such a behemoth could be of interest to investors. The bot is reputed for using AI to access developing news and marketplace developments about Bitcoin to find the best possible trading opportunities.

The simple layout of the Bitcoin Up platform will make most investors find it easy to use, as it is easy to understand how it works. On both sides of the divide, newbies and experienced traders find the bot useful and credible. With several user testimonials on the bot website, it is apparent that it is legit.

For anyone just starting out in the field of crypto investing, the most important thing is to learn as much as possible about how Bitcoin trading works. The next step is to know enough about risk management like the stop-loss tool when trading. As an investors’ confidence grows, profitable trades will be possible with the likes of the Bitcoin Up app.

The other leading bots that share some features of this app include Crypto Comeback pro, Bitcoin Code and Bitcoin Blueprint.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Several user statements and online assessments claim Bitcoin Up to be an authentic autotrading software.
  2. The official Bitcoin Up website alleges that the software requires one hour each day for setting up.
  3. User statements posted on the official Bitcoin Up website claim that the average daily earning using Bitcoin Up is about $1,100. It is possible that Bitcoin Up can generate such an amount but it would be unrealistic for users with a small trading capital and with shallow knowledge of cryptoassets.
  4. Start by getting a feel of the software by using the demo account. You should also gather information from different sources about cryptocurrencies, and how and why their prices fluctuate.
  5. Trading robots make use of affiliated brokers to give users access to the market. In other words, brokers are your main conduit to cryptoverse. Nevertheless, there are no guarantees that the affiliated broker is regulated. Therefore, you should verify a broker’s regulatory status before agreeing to proceed.
  6. No. The volatility levels in crypto markets are often high to the extent of diminishing the ability of a trading robot to perform well.
  7. Yes. Visit our robot hub to view robots we have previously reviewed.
  8. No. In researching the software, we encountered user statements purporting the existence of a relationship between some celebrity and Bitcoin Up. After long hours of digging, we concluded that the statements are without merit.
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