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Author: Ali Raza

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Tron Price Summary

TRON (TRX) price has been fairly low during its entire existence, and the highest it has ever gone was just a bit above $0.2. But, while the price of the coin may be low, it still saw some quite strong performance twice in the coin’s history. The first time was immediately after its launch when it hit its ATH. The second time was only a few months ago, in 2021.

This time around, TRON managed to reach the price of $0.16, so it came reasonably close to its ATH, just not close enough to quite reach it, or make a new one. Like most other cryptocurrencies, it went through a price crash in mid-May, which first took it down to a support at $0.08. For a brief time, it seemed like this might be TRON’s new bottom. However, the support was broken, and it started acting like a resistance level ever since.

Initially, the coin attempted to breach it several times, but as weeks went by, its price eventually gave up and started heading down. TRON’s actual bottom still seems to be higher than the one from before the price surge, currently around $0.05.

TRON Price History

TRON used to be the most popular coin in the year following its launch. For a time, it seemed to be doing everything right, despite its founder and CEO, Justin Sun, constantly using Twitter to produce hype. The project has been partnering with one company after another, it was listed on countless exchanges, and it even bought BitTorrent as part of its major Project Atlas.

Interestingly, despite a good reputation and making headlines for all the right reasons on a daily basis, TRON’s price never really made any move, and all of the positive events surrounding it had no effect at all. Its price reached its ATH in early January 2018, and then it crashed back down a few weeks later. For a few months, it has been locked in a series of surges and crashes as it fluctuated between support at $0.03 and a resistance at $0.05, which currently serves as its new strongest support level.

Back then, however, TRON managed to breach this level only once, in a late April/early May surge, when everyone falsely assumed that the crypto winter has passed. TRX almost hit $0.1 before crashing back down to an average price of $0.02, which is where it remained from September 2018 until January 2021. In 2021, it rapidly surged from $0.02 to around $0.17, before dropping to the current level of $0.05 at the time of writing.

TRON Price Prediction

When it comes to predicting crypto prices, there are essentially no certainties, only more or less educated guesses. You can always do research and use tools to try to predict the prices, but any event could cause the price to go up or down unannounced. With that said, we mentioned previously that TRON’s price doesn’t really react to internal developments, it only slightly fluctuates when they occur.

In fact, TRON’s price movements, at least big ones, seem to solely revolve around major, market-wide rallies. With that said, it seems that many cryptocurrencies have had their prices evolve slightly and find new bottoms, significantly above the old ones, after this most recent rally. If that is the case for TRON, then the coin’s new bottom might truly be at $0.05.

Regarding its performance for the rest of the year, it can go either way, depending on the rest of the market. Its price could even stay where it is right now, although that is unlikely. Usually, crypto prices tend to move sluggishly during the summer, only to resume activity as soon as the fall arrives. In fact, many experts are predicting a major rally that will potentially take Bitcoin to $100,000 by the end of the year. If that ends up being the case, TRON itself might yet hit its old ATH and hit a new one before 2022.

Expert Tip on the Price of TRX

The price of TRON moved significantly only twice in nearly four years of its existence. The first such rally took it to its ATH back in 2018, while the second one took place in 2021. Meanwhile, TRON continues to make moves towards its ultimate goal, which is to revolutionise the entertainment industry. It recently slightly deviated from that goal by dedicating more attention to the DeFi sector, but this also did not make an obvious impact on its price. So, it seems most likely that TRON won’t make major moves unless the entire market goes for another bull run.
- Ali Raza

About Tron

TRON started out as an Ethereum-based ERC-20 token created by Justin Sun, with the goal of revolutionising the entertainment industry. For most of its existence, it focused on partnering with online gaming firms, offering gambling dApps after it launched its own blockchain, and, for all intents and purposes, trying to become the new Ethereum.

Like other would-be Ethereum killers, it failed at overcoming the project on which it was born, and it eventually slipped from the list of largest cryptos by market cap, currently sitting at the 25th spot at the time of writing. Still, TRON did have a lot of popular dApps, and it is dabbling in DeFi, as well, like many development platforms that came before and after it.

Tron Value Compared to Other Cryptocurrencies

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. TRX price did very well in 2021, at least compared to the previous three years. It finally broke resistances that were holding it down in early 2021, and it achieved reasonably high prices. Whether or not this is the highest level it can go this year still remains to be seen.
  2. The best time to buy any cryptocurrency is when it reaches its assumed bottom. For TRX, it seems that this bottom lies at $0.05, which is close enough to the coin’s price now. In the end, the decision of whether or not to buy is on the user, preferably after understanding the risks.
  3. TRON’s goal is to build a bridge between content creators, and their audiences, and remove the middlemen such as advertising firms, centralised platforms like streaming services and app stores. The project definitely has potential, as doing what it does is one of the oldest goals of the crypto industry.
  4. Not much. The major difference arises from the process of mining TRX where Tron relies on a proof of stake system while other blockchains like Bitcoin rely on a proof of work system. Broadly, the tokens are all the same in terms of facilitating peer-to-peer transactions.
  5. The ATH for TRON was at $0.30 during the bull run of 2018. The project has proven to be a good investment in the first half of this year, which shows that it does have the potential to go up. However, it seems that the price reaches its full potential only when the broader crypto industry skyrockets.
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