“Bitcoin” Trademark Opposition 30-Day Extension Filed

An “intent-to-use” trademark application has been filed for the term “BITCOIN” to sell shot glasses and decanters.  An extension to oppose the Bitcoin trademark application has been filed and granted.  An automatic 30-day extension is granted by just requesting an extension and is available until December 11.

The trademark application by Urban Trend, LLC of California.  […]

Bitcoin.me Video Released

The Bitcoin.me video has been released.  The video shows situations where Bitcoin users can use the currency where legacy systems sometimes fail.





AC Bitcoin Acquires Bitcoin.me

Atlantic City Bitcoin has completed the acquisition of the “Bitcoin.me” web site.  This will be part of the Milly Bitcoin project to provide free support for Bitcoin users.  A professional production agency has been employed to develop assist with presentation of the site.  The “Bitcoin.me” site will have basic introductory material while MillyBitcoin.com will be for interactive support.  […]

FinCEN Issues Bitcoin-Friendly Ruling for Miners

Milly Bitcoin’s Mining Rig

The US Department of Treasury, Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) has issues ruling that clears up an issue for Bitcoin mining.  The issue involves whether someone who mines Bitcoins for themselves can trade them for cash at an exchange or spend them directly without being classified as a Money Services Business (MSB) […]

Beware the API Key in Yor Online Bitcoin Account

Many new users who open Bitcoin online accounts with exchanges or online wallet programs do not fully understand the ramifications of the “API Key.”  API stands for “Application Programming Interface.”   This key allows for programs to interface with your account.  For instance, if you have a computer program that makes automatic trades to your account.  […]

Bitcoin Table at Philly Punk Rock Flea Market Saturday

Atlantic City Bitcoin will be offering free Bitcoin support at the Philly Punk Rock Flea Market on Saturday, December 14.   Most Bitcoin events are geared towards techies and entrepreneurs.  This event will  give members of the public the opportunity to ask questions about Bitcoin while they do some Christmas shopping.  Atlantic City Bitcoin operates […]

Misunderstandings Leading to Increased Bitcoin Volatilty

hile there are many contributing factors to Bitcoin’s price volatility in relation to established government currencies one contributing factor is a misunderstanding of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a currency, a “commodity,” and payment system.  Many investors only see the commodity aspect and often point to “no intrinsic value.”  To an investor there is no “intrinsic value” […]

Considerations for Investing in Virtual Currencies Other than Bitcoin

any questions have arisen lately about investing in virtual currencies other than Bitcoin.  This issue can get somewhat complicated and a few risks need to be understood:

Decentralized vs. Centralized.  Bitcoin is decentralized, meaning no central authority or bank, controls the supply.  It is controlled by people who run the software.  Centralized coins, like Amazon […]

Considerations When Investing in Bitcoin

Investing in Bitcoin has become all the rage in recent days.  It could be described as a bubble on top of volatility on top of a steady increase.  Keep in mind that Bitcoin can be used as a payment system and the volatility is only important if you hold bitcoins.  The price does not matter […]

BitcoinFood.com Launches with Free Listings

One of the most common complaints about Bitcoin is “I can’t take it the supermarket and buy food with it.”  Well, now you can at BitcoinFood.com.  The site offers free listings to anyone selling food products for Bitcoin.  A link to CoinMap.org is also provided which shows a map with local businesses who accept Bitcoin for those […]