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Profit Revolution Test & Review - Scam or Not?

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Profit Revolution is reportedly an intelligent automated trading platform, which focuses on the incredibly successful cryptocurrency marketplace. This means that it is possible for even people with absolutely no experience to trade various cryptocurrencies, without needing to understand the manual processes usually associated with it. 

Profit Revolution also appeals to expert crypto traders, with many noting that they have had their most successful experiences using their cryto trading robot. Their product development team has worked diligently on ensuring that it delivers profit, but how does it compare to some of the other software available for automated trading?

What is Profit Revolution?

Profit Revolution is an auto-trading bot that aims to make money in the cryptocurrency market. Reportedly, the platform generates high returns for its users, however, cryptocurrency trading is a risky activity and new traders must spend some time learning and get familiarised with the platform before committing higher capital. Their automated trading platform has reportedly performed well in a live testing environment.

However, despite the success of Profit Revolution, it is important to note that all cryptocurrency trading involves some degree of risk. So using this crypto trading bot in the best way possible is always important to manage risk.

Who's Behind Profit Revolution?

Profit Revolution was reportedly designed and developed during 2018, by a team of expert traders. Their website doesn't give any information about the identity of these people, but that is quite normal for the cryptocurrency space, which takes anonymity rather seriously.

Reportedly, the development team at Profit Revolution has many years of collective experience in the niche, having got together at an investment conference, and has since invested many thousands of hours in the development of their cryptocurrency trading platform.

How to Use Profit Revolution

In order to get started on Profit Revolution, it is necessary to follow a few simple steps, and this begins with the process of registering an account.

Step 1: Register

The registration process is pretty straightforward, with a short and simple registration form being made available through the website. Some basic information is required by the development and support teams, and then one of the account managers at Profit Revolution will contact users once this has been completed.

Step 2. Deposit

Depositing money is also quick and hassle-free. Profit Revolution reportedly requires a $250 deposit before live trading can begin, which is a low barrier to entry for those engaging in cryptocurrency trading for the first time. Their website is fully-backed by an appropriate SSL certificate, which means that all information can be considered safe and secure at all times.

Step 3. Demo Account

Another useful aspect of the Profit Revolution system is the demo account which is made available to all users. While this is particularly beneficial to those trading in cryptos for the first time, even expert users can get an impression of how the system works, before using real-world money. Profit Revolution enables users to practice cryptocurrency trading in an authentic and risk-free environment for as long as they require, without requesting payment at any stage. 

Step 4. Live Trading

Once you have familiarised yourself with all of the features at Profit Revolution, you can then switch to a live trading environment. It's definitely beneficial to use the demonstration account first, but when you're ready to take the plunge into real-world trading an account manager will talk you through everything involved with setting your trading parameters. Users are reportedly handheld through the whole process, which makes it much less intimidating to try cryptocurrency trading for the first time.

Key Features of Profit Revolution

There is a raft of features associated with Profit Revolution, but here is a breakdown of the key functionality.


Payouts are reportedly calculated automatically at Profit Revolution, and this process takes pace on a daily basis after users end their live trading sessions. The platform's development team reports that the algorithmic trader can earn a 60% profit on a daily basis, but we feel that this is an unrealistic amount unless you have a great deal of experience and higher trading capital. Most users have reported in online reviews that the system deals with payments and payouts quickly.

Verification System

Verification at Profit Revolution is particularly straightforward, taking the average user reportedly less than five minutes. Nonetheless, the verification process also feels robust, which is obviously important from a safety perspective. You can be certain that your account and contact details have been effectively authenticated before you begin using the trading platform.

Affiliate brokers are reportedly involved with the verification system, and these are dispersed all over the globe in order to ensure that all regions and jurisdictions are covered. In order to verify your account and identity, users provide an identification document and then verify their home addresses by providing proof of this as well. Partner brokers are also capable of connecting robot accounts to local bank accounts if required.

The Withdrawal Process for Profit Revolution

Withdrawals are completely free with Profit Revolution, and the platform supports a raft of major payment methods. Wire transfer, Visa, MasterCard, and several e-wallets are all available, and you can withdraw funds at any time that you require, with money reportedly available in an extremely impressive timeframe of just one hour. This clearly makes Profit Revolution the industry leader in this department.

Costs and Fees

There are reportedly no fees associated with Profit Revolution, but the platform does charge a fee of 2% on all profits. However, it does mean that any losing trades are completely free from charge, which is obviously beneficial to customers.

Customer Service

Profit Revolution makes it possible to reach customer service agents in a variety of different ways. Both email and phone contact is available, while the company is also active on the social media platforms Facebook and Twitter.

24/7 support is also available between Monday and Friday, while the platform endeavours to be as available as far as possible over weekends as well. There are several dedicated account managers operating as part of the Profit Revolution customer service team, and new customers are dealt with particularly sensitively and successfully.

Affiliated Brokers

The Profit Revolution website has reportedly established links with a variety of affiliated brokers, which are used in order to conduct trades on the platform. The crypto trading robot matches the user with a broker based on location proximity. 

Is Profit Revolution a Scam?

Based on online reviews and user testimonials, Profit Revolution appears to be a useful platform that can help traders to navigate the cryptocurrency markets in an easy manner. Firstly, the SSL certification and registration of the website is particularly reassuring. This is also very much a global platform, with Profit Revolution reportedly being available in over 150 countries. Most online reviews and user testimonials have reported that the platform works with regulated brokers and the verification system is also robust.

There is also a highly professional registration process available, while you can be confident that your funds are reportedly safe and secure at all times. There is no mobile app available currently, although the developers state that they are still working on this provision.

5 Reasons to Use Profit Revolution for Trading

There are a variety of reasons to use Profit Revolution for automated trading, and here are some of the most compelling ones.        

Intuitive User Interface

The user interface associated with Profit Revolution is reportedly impressive, with the website of the company operating slickly and intuitively at all times. This means that users can use the website and trade easily, always secure in the knowledge that they can execute any operation in a matter of seconds.

Boasts Market-Leading Win-Rate

Profit Revolution has reportedly been tested in market conditions and has proven itself a highly capable performer, with an industry-leading profit rate, however, cryptocurrency markets are volatile and new traders should invest with caution. 

There is also a very low barrier for entry with Profit Revolution. By enabling users to start trading with just $250, they ensure their platform is available to people from a wide variety of backgrounds. This isn't always the case with algorithmic trading platforms, and definitely counts in favour for Profit Revolution.

Faster than Manual Trading

Algorithmic traders such as Profit Revolution make it possible to trade at an extremely speedy pace. This is an advantage in any market, but particularly crucial in the fast-moving world of cryptocurrency. Profit Revolution reportedly performs extremely efficiently in this regard, and this is one of the standout features of the platform.

Smart Analytics

Profit Revolution is also reportedly known for its smart analytics, possible thanks to its sophisticated algorithms. This makes them one of the leading crypto trading bots on the market.

Remove Human Error

One of the major advantages of any algorithmic trading system is the ability to remove human error from the process. Naturally, human trading is always fallible, and this is particularly true when emotion comes into the equation. Even the most experienced traders can find it difficult to ensure that emotions do not tarnish their trading.

This is where Profit Revolution can be particularly valuable, as there is no such fallibility and emotional barrier involved with its trading. This is part of the reason why algorithmic traders have reportedly delivered such outstanding results, and it is a compelling reason for new cryptocurrency traders, in particular, to consider using Profit Revolution. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Profit Revolution


Free account registration
Supports several payment methods
Payouts and withdrawals
Demo account for test trading
User-friendly and intuitive interface
Reportedly works with regulated and affiliated brokers
Secure trading


2% fee on profits
Withdrawals take 1 hour

Profit Revolution: Our Conclusion

Most users have reported that Profit Revolution is definitely an asset to anyone wishing to trade cryptocurrencies, which can often be challenging. It makes algorithmic trading accessible and comprehensible to new users and opens up a whole new world of possibility for them. Based on online reviews and user testimonials, this appears to be a highly credible platform, which reportedly has all of the required certification and registrations in place. Bitcoin Loophole, Immediate Edge, and Crypto Genius are examples of other algorithmic traders that we’ve reviewed favourably.

Most users have also reported that Profit Revolution has a highly user-friendly system, with an excellent user interface. All processes associated with registering and trading on the platform are straightforward and operate without difficulty, while there is also an active community of users available online. We would like to see a mobile app launched, but aside from this Profit Revolution has every base covered.

It’s also important to familiarise yourself with the market before making any investment decisions, as there are risks associated with CFD trading. However, Profit Revolution is reportedly the perfect way to trade currencies, particularly for those engaging in this activity for the first time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Various user accounts and online reviews allege that the Profit Revolution is among the most legit trading robots in the market.

  2. The team behind Profit Revolution assert that users will have to dedicate just one hour of their time each day to set up the trading robot.

  3. The much you earn depends on whether market conditions are your favour, you have an in-depth comprehension of cryptoassets, and that you always keep tuned to the market listening for useful insights and/or news items.

  4. You should learn a lot of about crypto trading, especially prioritise hands-on learning through Profit Revolution’s demo account. You should also stay up to date with the latest developments in the cryptocurrency market.

  5. Profit Revolution will pair you up with an affiliated broker, but without giving you confidence as far as the legal status of the broker goes. Therefore, you are less likely to encounter rude shocks if you take the early initiative of verifying the broker’s regulatory status before your crypto-trading career kicks off.

  6. No. There are extremely high volatility levels that not even the best-designed trading robot can guarantee earnings.

  7. Yes. Visit our robot hub to view robots we have previously reviewed.

  8. No. We saw allegations online saying a certain celebrity backed the existence of Profit Revolution, which we established as baseless after checking.

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