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Immediate Bitcoin Test & Review - Scam or Not?

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Immediate Bitcoin purports to be a smart system, effectively offering an automated trading platform for cryptocurrency. For the uninitiated, what this effectively means is that their crypto trading robot will buy and sell different cryptos for users, without the need for any manual input in this process. 

The Immediate Bitcoin website notes that several experienced traders have used the software, and have achieved profits by doing so. They have been operational for a few years now and continue to develop, as the team that founded the project continues to refine its algorithms and overall operation.

What is Immediate Bitcoin?

Immediate Bitcoin was reportedly developed with advanced features in mind, making it possible to trade a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, intelligent algorithms are built into their trading robot, meaning that it will effectively make a profit for you, at least according to its developers. Immediate Bitcoin is advertised as a unified crypto trading platform, meaning that it has already achieved a good deal of popularity among the crypto community.

Who's Behind Immediate Bitcoin?

The developers of the Immediate Bitcoin system have reportedly chosen to remain somewhat anonymous, but they do explain that they are experts in the cryptocurrency industry, and met through their shared passion at a relevant conference.

How to Use Immediate Bitcoin

Getting started on Immediate Bitcoin requires you to go through the following steps:

Step 1: Register

Firstly, it’s obviously necessary to register on the Immediate Bitcoin website. This is a relatively straightforward process and simply requires following a link and providing some relevant personal information. Immediate Bitcoin does require you to confirm your identity before you begin trading, but this is achieved via the usual verification procedure. In this case, they only require a name, email, and phone number in order to verify your identity. Once this is done, you are ready to deposit funds in your account.

Step 2: Deposit funds

It is also pretty quick and easy to deposit funds via Immediate Bitcoin. This really only takes a matter of minutes, with all transactions processed extremely efficiently by the company and because their website is protected by an SSL certificate, you can be certain that your data is absolutely secure at all times. A $250 deposit must be deposited in a new account before any trading can take place.

Step 3: Demo test

Another useful aspect of the Immediate Bitcoin website is that it includes a demonstration account feature. This makes it possible to practice the various functions included without having to use real-world funds. This is a particularly welcome feature for new users, and the virtual environment that has been created is extremely impressive and authentic.

Step 4: Start trading

Finally, once you have become appropriately comfortable with your demo account, you're ready to proceed to live trading. While it’s recommended to use the demonstration feature first, you could, of course, skip this completely, and begin trading real money immediately. Immediate Bitcoin has account managers on hand who can assist you with any trading parameters required. All in all, we found the trading process to be particularly user-friendly.

Key Features of Immediate Bitcoin

Here is a breakdown of the key features of Immediate Bitcoin:


Immediate Bitcoin boasts an automated payout feature, which means that the whole process of making money through the website is made more convenient. Once you have entered a live trading session, the payout feature is reportedly readily available, calculating your earnings automatically, and crediting funds to your account automatically. Most online reviews have reported that the system works absolutely seamlessly and is one of the most valuable aspects of the Immediate Bitcoin package.

Verification System

The verification system associated with Immediate Bitcoin is slick and efficient, and anyone using this package in order to trade will be extremely reassured by its security measures. However, despite the level of security, things also get up and running rapidly, making this a convenient platform for automated cryptocurrency trading.

The Withdrawal Process for Immediate Bitcoin

Withdrawals via Immediate Bitcoin are pretty efficient as well, with a simple request being required, before customer service processes any transaction. Reportedly, they process withdrawals rather rapidly, with each one taking less than a day in order to complete. It is not uncommon for other trading platforms to take several days to process a withdrawal, so this is obviously a welcome feature.

Costs and Fees

There are reportedly no fees associated with Immediate Bitcoin whatsoever. Once you have made your initial deposit, all trading on the platform comes free of charge, aside from the commission the platform requires to cover operating costs. The fee criteria can vary depending on various factors, including the location of the customer, but a commission of up to 2% is applicable to all profitable trades on the platform. Immediate Bitcoin does not charge anything for any unprofitable trades that are conducted.

Customer Service

The quality of customer service delivered by Immediate Bitcoin is particularly excessive, with the team associated with the platform readily available at all times. There is 24/7 customer service, with live chat and email options readily available at all times. The company also operates a customer service desk, which is available to users regardless of their home country.

Operatives at Immediate Bitcoin were extremely helpful, and most users have reported that there have been absolutely no leaks so far regarding the privacy of user information or any funds deposited with the customer platform. Reportedly, the customer service is top-notch at all times and this created a very favourable impression overall.

Affiliated Brokers

Immediate Bitcoin currently proclaims that it has entered into partnerships with leading robot brokers in both the United Kingdom and the United States. Brokers are involved with facilitating the trading on the platform, creating an environment that is powerful and user-friendly, and handling all transactions with clients. Virtually all brokers carried on the Immediate Bitcoin site are reportedly regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), considered the most reputable financial regulatory body in the world.

Several brokers associated with them are also reportedly in partnership with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) and the Cyprus Securities and Investment Commission (CySEC); both considered highly reputable organisations as well.

Is Immediate Bitcoin a Scam?

Based on online reviews and user testimonials, Immediate Bitcoin appears to be an efficient trading system that helps traders navigate the cryptocurrency markets. They have reportedly been the undisputed winner of the coveted "Best Performing AI Robot" award by the Global Council of Algorithmic Traders (GCAT). This is an extremely prestigious achievement, as hundreds of competitors also seek to win this award every year. Some of the entrants to this award include leading Wall Street hedge funds.

5 Reasons to Use Immediate Bitcoin for Trading

There are multiple reasons why users may choose to trade via the Immediate Bitcoin platform, but here are five of the most compelling:

Intuitive User Interface

The Immediate Bitcoin user interface is reportedly one of the slickest available, and this makes the process of trading via the platform so intuitive. There is also an excellent customer support system and this makes it so much more enjoyable to use the trading platform. Assistance is always there when you need it, and the customer support team is both experienced and hugely knowledgeable. These two qualities together ensure that Immediate Bitcoin is particularly user-friendly.

Boasts Market-Leading Win-Rate

Immediate Bitcoin has reportedly been proven to deliver an industry-leading win-rate. Most users have reported through online reviews and testimonials that traders can use this platform easily, however, new treaders must remember that cryptocurrency markets are volatile and must not deposit huge sums initially. Another excellent aspect of this automated trading platform is that only a relatively small deposit is required from customers. This means that there is a low barrier of entry, ensuring that those who are unsure about the process can try out the platform with very little risk.

Faster than Manual Trading

Immediate Bitcoin is also reportedly associated with speedy transactions, with a focus on ensuring that all trading activity is completed in a slick timeframe. While this is generally welcome for all customers, it is also particularly important in the cryptocurrency market, which could be considered one of the fastest moving markets on the planet. Trades must be completed extremely efficiently, and so it is pleasing to report that this has been delivered with aplomb on their platform.

Smart Analytics

Immediate Bitcoin has reportedly delivered one of the smartest and most secure online packages of all trading bot platforms, and this has attracted a wide variety of users from all over the world. It is common knowledge that the yield in the cryptocurrency market can be particularly impressive as most users have reported, and this attracts many novices to the field. Anyone experiencing crypto trading for the first time can be reassured based on online reviews that Immediate Bitcoin delivers an extremely smart system.

Remove Human Error

One of the most attractive aspects of robot trading generally is the ability to remove human error from the trading process. Regardless of whether you are a new trader, or experienced in the field, and whether you are accustomed to using technology or not, Immediate Bitcoin makes it easy to participate in the attractive cryptocurrency market.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Immediate Bitcoin


Offers Demo Account
Faster withdrawals
No Hidden charges
Easy to use Interface
Simple and quick registration


Not available in some locations

Immediate Bitcoin: Our Conclusion

So how does Immediate Bitcoin measure up as an automatic platform for trading cryptocurrency? Well, it certainly has many valuable qualities. The first thing to note is they are reportedly registered with a variety of credible authorities, and this only counts in favour of the platform.

Immediate Bitcoin is also reportedly user-friendly and has demonstrated a consistent ability to achieve a consistent profit for its customers. Everything works extremely slickly, with customer service being excellent, and the user interface is intuitive and straightforward. The News Spy, Crypto Engine, and Crypto Hopper are examples of some other algorithmic traders.

This is definitely one of the best-automated trading platforms as reported by a number of users, and one that will no doubt attract a large number of new market participants. However, there are risks associated with CFD trading, and it’s important to familiarise yourself with the market before making any investment decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. A number of online reviews and user testaments claim Immediate Bitcoin to be an authentic trading robot that has helped to turn around their trading experiences.

  2. Although Immediate Bitcoin’s official website does not provide the timeframe, various online reviews and user statements claim that you need to spend two hours at most on the software each day.

  3. Users testaments on the Immediate Bitcoin website claim to have earned in the range of $800 and $2,500 in daily profits. We feel that the figures are impracticable, especially if your understanding of crypto markets and autotrading software is at beginner level.

  4. Start with practising with the demo account, and then begin the trading journey with a small deposit that you can afford to lose. As your confidence grows, increase the intake of market news and insights to make your trades better.

  5. Immediate Bitcoin assigns each trader a broker, but the software offers no guarantee whether the broker is regulated or not. Therefore, it is prudent that you find out about the broker, its licensing status, and if the regulator is of international repute.

  6. No. The crypto market carries very high risks and the possibility of your trades biting the dust is high.

  7. Yes. Visit our robot hub to view robots we have previously reviewed.

  8. No. There were rumours linking Immediate Bitcoin to celebrity endorsements, but a little checking told us the rumours were without a solid backing.

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