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Crypto Hopper Pro Test & Review - Scam or Not?

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Author: Matt Pigott Updated: 23 March, 2022

If you’re fed up with sitting in front of the charts night and day, trying to pick swing highs and lows with little success, and if the profits you envisaged simply aren’t materialising, it might be time to find new ways to automate your trading. Crypto Hopper was built precisely for this purpose. 

Crypto Hopper is an advanced trading bot known as an AI that adapts to different market environments. It allows you to connect one or more of the exchanges you use for trading, and when you press the button, Crypto Hopper will get to work buying and selling the cryptos you select.

Beyond this, Crypto Hopper is more than just a bot. There is also a community behind it taking advantage of the social trading revolution. In the Crypto Hopper marketplace, you can engage with other traders and find out about their bot trading strategies. You can also buy bot templates and even copy other traders.

If you’re unsure of whether a trading bot is for you, Crypto Hopper also allows you to paper trade. Paper trading is simulated trading in real-life conditions. This means you can put Crypto Hopper to work to see what it’s capable of without risking any money. If all of this sounds interesting, read on on review below to find out more about Crypto Hopper and what it can do as well as find out what its limitations are.

What is Crypto Hopper Pro?

The idea behind Crypto Hopper Pro is to automate the processes involved in the access and review of market data.  Logically, the ability to make intelligent investment decisions improves with a wealth of dependable data at hand. 

By using this software, an investor can avoid the tedious repetitive tasks associated with keeping abreast of market charts. The difficulty in reviewing market variables and flagging headwinds is taken care of by the robot.

On the Crypto Hopper Pro homepage, testimonials of other bot users abound, claiming to earn as much as $1,300 profit on their daily trades. With an easy sign-up process, anyone can become a member of the community in a matter of minutes.

Who is Behind Crypto Hopper Pro?

Cryptohopper is one of a rare breed of automated digital asset trading services—aka bots—that has a team of developers behind it who don’t mind putting their names out there. 

Proud Dutch brothers, Pim and Ruud Feltkamp, didn’t just decide to create a bot; they naturally arrived at the idea when they realised they had complementary skill sets that could be combined and monetised. 

While Ruud was a successful day trader, Pim shone brightly as a computer engineer. By fusing their skills—with Ruud taking Pim on a deep dive into the world of trading and Pim responding by devising something that would help his brother execute his trades while away from the markets—they generated the first incarnation of Cryptohopper. 

However, not satisfied with simply ‘making a bot’, the brothers got their friends and family to try Cryptohopper out and tracked their progress. The results made them realise they were onto something big, and shortly after these early familial trials, they released Cryptohopper, “an AI-driven bot that makes crypto trading accessible, fun, and worthwhile for everyone” to the public.

How to Sign Up with Crypto Hopper Pro?

To begin using this auto-trading software, complete the 3-simple steps as follows:

1. Fill in your registration details 

The first step is to provide your personal details in the columns provided on the registration form. Your full name, phone number, and email address is all that is required. You must also select a password in order to access your account.

You will be asked to confirm your account by checking your inbox for the confirmation link. Click on the link, and your user account will become active.

2. Fund Your Account

After verifying your account, you will be able to access the trading room of the bot. You must pay the required minimum deposit of $250 for your account to go live. You can use a credit card to do this, and bitcoin deposits are also allowed.

3. Start Trading

Now, you can start trading. You will need to set your trading limits, the frequency of your withdrawals and your trading preferences. You can decide to use the manual setting for your trades if you so choose.

Is Crypto Hopper Pro Legitimate?

To answer this question, it is important to consider the robot homepage. The testimonials available there, confers some legitimacy.

Why We Are Using Crypto Hopper Pro?

After completing the registration process, a customer service agent was on hand to guide us through the account funding process. Over the phone, we were informed exactly how the trading bot works, and how to make the best use of the manual and auto trading functions. 

The bot trading room is easy to navigate, and the user can easily view the trading history and open trades. A beginner will surely find the ease of navigation beneficial.

How Does Crypto Hopper Pro Behave Compared with Other Robots? 

Using Crypto Hopper Pro comes with some upsides that might tally with features seen in some other bots. Let us look at these a little more closely:

Trade Stop Loss Button: The user can use the Trade Stop Loss button to preset the threshold necessary to preserve gains made or the trading equity

Alternate Trading Pairs: ETH, XRP, BTC and USD are available for pairing as base currencies. 8 combinations in trading pairs are supported at the time of writing.

Live Display of Best Trading Positions: On the user dashboard, there is a live display of signals showing the best positions for optimal profit round the clock. 

Ease of Withdrawals: Profit taking is unlimited and the user can do this daily by completing the withdrawal request form.

If you want to learn more about other cryptocurrency robots, you can check out our reviews on Bitcoin Rush, Bitcoin Motion, and Crypto Trader.

Pros and Cons of Crypto Hopper Pro


Auto Trade and Manual Trade support: The user can decide to use the auto trade feature or switch on the manual trade button to take charge of the daily trades
Live Chat: Support for live chats is provided and the user can contact customer service directly from the trading room
Multiple Payment Methods: The user can make payments with an array of bank cards and support is available for VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, Discover and AMEX. You can also use Bitcoin to fund your account.
High-Speed Performance: The user can take advantage of the superior bot performance record that surpasses the market by 0.01 seconds in accuracy.
Demo Account: The user can access a practice account in order to get accustomed to the software.


Limited Deposit Methods
Deposit methods such as PayPal and Skrill are not supported.

Crypto Hopper: What Sets it Apart from Competitors?

Crypto Hopper is more than just a bot. It’s also a community in which ideas and strategies can be exchanged. Crypto Hopper also allows simulated trading and the ability to backtest trading techniques to see if they work. This is important. Blindly setting any bot up to start trading with your hard-earned money could pave the way to ruins. With Crypto Hopper, you’re able to plug into an exchange and leave your bot running for a few weeks with a given sum to see how it performs. Because bots trade with zero emotion, the results you get will be the purest reflection of how good or bad Crypto Hopper is. 

Other features on CryptoHopper include exchange arbitrage where cryptocurrency price differences between exchanges can be leveraged for profit, mirror trading where you can copy other traders, automated trailing stops, where your stop loss follows price direction until a pullback eventually stops you out and closes your automated trade, and a strategy designer which allows you tweak Crypto Hopper’s parameters to optimise its performance. There are a number of other features too that set Crypto Hopper apart from its competitors. 

As with all bots, they are likely to perform differently in different market conditions, so it’s advisable to find cryptos that are trending up, trending down, or ranging and test Crypto Hopper in all of these different scenarios. 

Adaptable and efficient, we compared Crypto Hopper to other bots, including Yuan Pay Group and Bitcoin Code, both of which are excellent, but on balance, we preferred Crypto Hopper because, although its percentage returns weren’t as high overall, we feel that the additional peace of mind Crypto Hopper provides makes it a better choice.

Crypto Hopper: Our Conclusion

Crypto Hopper is one of the better all-round performers. Attention to detail and genuine innovation make Crypto Hopper a contender for the top bot slot due to its ease of use, efficiency and, above all, its ability to generate consistent profits for users.

Whether markets are fast or slow, up down or sideways, Crypto Hopper manages to make the most of any trading environment. Unlike a lot of more crudely built bots that execute simple commands, Crypto Hopper has in-built algorithmic intelligence. A quick peek under the hood reveals that Crypto Hopper has machine learning capabilities. Through a powerful automatic backtesting feature, as it trades on autopilot, it learns, evolves and improves. 

Better still, it identifies the conditions it finds itself in, which is perhaps why it is such a good all-round performer. In our extensive testing across several months, Crypto Hopper yielded overall a 60 percent return. This performance was consistent in uptrends, downtrends and ranging markets. And it is because of this consistency that Crypto Hopper has become a firm favourite with our research team.

Methodology - How do we Review Autotrading Tools?

We carried out our testing process on Crypto Hopper over two months in uptrends, downtrends, and ranging markets. Without smoothing the average, Crypto Hopper yielded a steady 60% return. This is important as with many of the other bots we tested, while they excelled in certain market conditions, they fell short in others. Crypto Hopper stood out because it worked well in all conditions. For many traders, this is the gamechanger as there isn’t really any need to babysit the bot or worry about market conditions changing.  

When market sentiment shifts and prices start to turn, many bots comfortable with the former conditions will go into meltdown, buying when they should be selling, or vice versa, and throwing away hard-won profits. 

This is the last thing you want from a bot. Above all, you want to know you can trust it and leave it to do its thing. Where Crypto Hopper shines is in its machine learning capabilities and automated backtesting that let it know what sort of environment it's operating in. To find out more on how we ensure our content is accurate and well-researched, see our editorial policy

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. $250 is the minimum amount needed to start trading.
  2. You can make as much as $1300 each day depending on your trading capital
  3. No hidden fees are embedded. You own all profits that you make.
  4. All withdrawal requests are processed within 48 hours.
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