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Crypto Engine Test & Review - Scam or Not?

We are aware of numerous websites which use false celebrity endorsements to send customers to unregulated brokers or call centers. Our website will only send customers to partners who have provided us with the required regulatory assurances. This is a marketing offer and our regulated partners will indicate what services they have available upon registration.

Cryptocurrencies have dominated investment headlines in recent years because of the astronomical profits reported by financial traders. While other profitable investments are also gaining momentum from time to time, Bitcoin and altcoins have held strong allure for investors.

Machine learning capabilities have shown remarkable promise in optimising profitability in volatile markets. This is how crypto trading bots have become a bestselling subset in the crypto market. Crypto Engine is one of the leading brands, so we have outlined it below to help decide if the bot is for you.

What is Crypto Engine?

Crypto Engine makes the best of artificial intelligence to analyse the cryptocurrency markets and deploy trading strategies. As a tech-driven innovation, it incorporates Natural Programming language, Deep Learning and Machine Learning in optimising its algorithm.  

Bitcoin traders rely on its fundamental and technical analysis to arrive at investment decisions. So far, the bot has a proven 95% accuracy level.

Who is Behind Crypto Engine?

The creator of Crypto Engine is not specified on its website, but the application of the bot shows that it can only be the outcome of research by a team of artificial engineering experts and crypto traders. The bot works with reputable robot brokers that deploy optimized trading systems that execute trading orders instantaneously.

With a reputable partnership forged with credible regulated brokers, investors can be assured that their funds are safe in its hands.

How to Use Crypto Engine

1. Register

Crypto Engine requires that a new account users register with a telephone number, an email address and their full name. A new account confirmation link is sent to the email provided that must be clicked to validate the new account. A Crypto Engine customer representative will contact you immediately to explain how the platform works and confirm your provided phone details. You can clarify any area of need at this time and the support staff will gladly provide all the answers.

2. Make a Deposit

To activate a new account, a minimum amount of $250 is required. Once this is paid, the deposit will be confirmed almost immediately, except when your payment method is a wire transfer. The bot accepts up to $15,000 as a maximum deposit. You can also fund your account using a credit or debit card deposit as well as bank deposits, and SEPA transfers if you are within the EU.

3. Try Out A Demo Account

From what you can see from this Crypto Engine review, the Crypto Engine app is not your simple bot trader, so it is important you take time to be familiarised with how it works. Understanding the trade display functions is important as well as controlling auto and manual trades. Most people are unaware that auto trades can be paused in favour of manual trading. However, as long as you are using the demo account, there will be no losses as no fund movement is involved here.

4. Start Trading

When you are satisfied you have enough grasp of the trading functionalities, you can go ahead to use the live trading section. 

The degree of risk here requires that the signals must be optimal as they are automatically executed without manual inputs. Most robot brokers offer up to 1:500 in leverage. And as such, to avoid massive losses, you need to review the trading position each day and never go beyond 25X. A change in trading position could slip your account into a negative balance, leading to eroded capital. 

5. Take Your profits

When many new traders earn profits, they are quick to reinvest. You need to pay yourself as soon as the profits show up. Withdraw the profits each day and allow the trading capital to remain for trading. It is a key risk management practice to withdraw your profits each day.

Key Features of Crypto Engine

Crypto Engine as a leverage-optimized bot that enables traders to magnify their trading returns, therefore, magnifying risk as well. However, while several bots come to the table with traditional brokers, a trading app like Crypto Engine offers more.


With payout reported on $250 going as high as $10,000 with leveraged trading, and as high as $5,000 per week on default trading, Crypto Engine has one of the highest payouts possible in crypto trading. The reported payouts are credible as shown by investor reports on the bot homepage.

The Verification Process

When trading with Crypto Engine, higher deposits are needed for leveraged accounts as well as a requirement for the investor’s identity to be verified. You need to provide a government-issued ID card, as well as evidence of the users’ current address reflected on a utility bill or bank statement. After these details are uploaded, verification will be completed within 24 hours.

Since you are also required to link your bank account for payment purposes, successfully completing this step is an added verification layer, as small reversible charges might be made to your account, which you need to identify  to show that you have full access to the provided bank account.

The Withdrawal Process for Crypto Engine

To withdraw from crypto Engine is simple and straightforward. Just log-in each day and check your trading status. Complete the withdrawal request and the funds will be credited to your account within 24 hours. When you use leverage trading, you can only withdraw any amount less than the margin you have for an ongoing trade.

Costs and Fees

For withdrawal purposes, there are charges for normal trades, and you can withdraw 100% of your profits. If you are on high leverage trading, your trading profits will be subject to deduction of the fees made for margin trading.

Customer Service

Crypto Engine provides online chat services alongside email support. You can reach customer care directly from your account dashboard, where your reply will be delivered immediately except if there is a backlog of requests on queue. 

Affiliated Brokers

There are affiliated brokers that work in partnership with Crypto Engine to ensure the bot is available to use on their platforms. The brokers on the network are regulated by the respective regulatory bodies in their jurisdictions, such as the SEC and the FSA. Such brokers deploy trading platforms that are cryptographically encrypted and optimized for high frequency trading.

Is Crypto Engine a Scam?

Crypto Engine operates reputably in alliance with the brokers it works with across the globe. Investor reviews on its website also show that traders are paid their profits and the technology operated is proven and globally rated. When we also opened an account on the bot, we were able to access the trading algorithm as described on its website.

5 Reasons to Use Crypto Engine for Trading

Crypto Engine partners with reputable brokers and uses an algorithm that is uncommon in the crypto marketplace.  While many bots share similar user descriptions, there are some distinct features worth highlighting because of the difference they make.

1. Intuitive User Interface

The user account dashboard is simple to understand even for the non-technical investor. Personal data can be easily updated on the dashboard and monitoring daily portfolio performance is simple. The daily trade summaries will open when you click on the portfolio tab. Here you can also view the changes in portfolio value.

2. Boasts Market-Leading Win-Rate

Crypto Engine’s website shows several investors giving their reviews by telling their success stories. The win-rate claimed to be above 90%, with up to 88% of respondents on the bot homepage agreeing. The reported win-rate can be attributed to the highly optimised algorithm by the bot which maximises market data for profitability.       

3. Faster than Manual Trading

The nature of crypto trades requires keeping a handle on fast-moving figures, so manually attempting to do this can be very difficult for inexperienced traders. By using the Artificial Intelligence capacity of the bot, over 100 cryptocurrencies can be cross traded for profits.  

4. Smart Analytics

The use of smart analytics makes it possible for a million pages of data to be analysed and interpreted in just a few seconds. For live data to be interpreted for huge profits requires a lot more than normal human intelligence. With over 5,200 cryptocurrencies and up to 1,000 active marketplaces to access and parse, only the use of AI can hope to look at all this data at once. With Crypto Engine as a well-resourced AI bot, investors are in a better place to maximise their profit potential and minimize their losses.

5. Remove Human Error

Human errors arise from fatigue, poor capacity and distraction. To be able to remove human error from crypto trading means a lot more must be done using bots. Crypto Engine makes a difference here as its internal workings are regulated automatically and trades are also completed using the auto function. Since bots are not pressured by surrounding circumstances, such as a steep price fall, they are able to recommend the pathway to profitability. Moreover, Crypto Engine is not limited by falling prices as it is able to recognize and act on profitability even when prices fall or rise.

The investor also needs to take steps to ensure the following:

  • The robot has to be  left to run without interruptions for up to 8 hours each day. What this means is that you could devote about an hour every night to review your portfolio and make amendments where necessary and withdraw your profits. With less interruptions, auto trade on leveraged accounts perform better

  • Join a crypto trading club or partner to help you focus. The volatility of crypto prices can be emotionally draining, especially when a market crash occurs

  • Time global financial markets and trade more during their live hours. Wall Street opens at GMT- 7 and has the biggest influence on financial markets, so trading in tandem with it can make a difference.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Crypto Engine


Increased profitability
Better leverage window
Smarter analytics
More than 100 tradeable digital currencies
Complete auto functionality


The user does not have the option of a preferred broker
Users must update their settings daily

Crypto Engine: Our Conclusion

Crypto Engine offers enough entry points for different classes of crypto traders with its minimum and maximum deposit options. As an AI -resourced software, it can provide different pathways to profitability despite a rise or fall in the price of digital currencies. According to a recent press release, the bot offers more than 100 tradable pairs when most of its competitors offer just one or two.

The user testimonials available on the bot website and other pages indicate that the technology deployed is credible and clearly revolutionary. Understanding how cryptocurrency trading works is important before you start trading.

Since leveraged trading is also available, greater care and diligence must be observed by traders. Despite the profitability of the bot, it is important to note that financial traders need to ensure proper risk management so that they can avoid eroding their trading capital.

Other reference points for profitable bots include Bitcoin Revolution, Crypto Comeback Pro and Bitcoin Blueprint.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Various online reviews and user testimonials assert that Crypto Engine is legitimate.

  2. The team behind Crypto Engine claims the software’s algorithms incorporate the latest advances in AI technology, making the software easy to use. As such, claims the team, users need to spend anywhere between 30 minutes and one hour on the robot each day.

  3. There is no clear answer to this question considering that factors such as the amount of trading capital, users experience using the robot, and the volatility in the market must be accounted for. Ultimately, there is no promise of earning any money.

  4. Prioritise utilisation of Crypto Engine’s demo platform to learn the basics of the system. You should also start trading with small capital amounts to allow more practise time.

  5. These products usually link users up with brokers to facilitate market access. However, the robots do not promise that the brokers will be regulated, that is why you need to check the licensing information of the broker to which you are directed.

  6. No. The robot is well-designed to provide trading signals but there is no guarantee of their accuracy given the high volatility of the market.

  7. Yes. Our robot hub lists similar products for your selection.

  8. No. There are users peddling these claims online, but a simple google search refutes them.

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