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BitQH App Test & Review - Scam or Not?

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Author: Eleonora Di Felice Updated: 31 January, 2022

Automation is now the new normal, with technology permeating almost every facet of human life. This includes crypto trading that has become much easier with auto trading robots like the BitQH App.

According to BitQH App's website, this robot makes it possible for anyone to speculate on the price of Bitcoin to earn profits. With crypto trading booming, it appears this is the tool traders might need. But does it offer what it promises? In this BitQH review we will look at how the crypto trading robot works, its pros and cons, and importantly, whether it's legit.

What is BitQH App?

BitQH claims to be a fully automated trading system that leverages the power of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The robot automatically selects trades via its smart algorithms, allegedly ensuring daily profits of up to 300%. According to details on their website, customers don't need to have special skills to use and start benefiting from the robot's powerful trading system.

Who's Behind BitQH App?

Charly Vasquez reportedly created BitQH App to expand his profits as a trader. He is said to have decided to share the software after seeing how beneficial it was. 

Vasquez made a name trading stocks then crypto, becoming one of the most influential voices in the crypto trading community. He allegedly left his position as a developer with a Big Tech giant to concentrate fully on his project, teaming up with a highly professional team to create BitQH App. 

In a very short time, the powerful, fully-automated robot has grown so popular that it has attracted professional traders, including those on Wall Street. 

Who's Behind BitQH App?
Let's Start!

How to Use BitQH App

Step 1: Registration

Registering for an account is free and straightforward on BitQH App. It also takes less than five minutes of your time. To set up your new account, go to the robot's homepage, fill in your details in the registration form and click on "Create Account". The details needed include your name, email address, phone number and password. Once you are done with this, submit and follow the prompts to verify your ID. Success at this step means you have an account ready for trading.

Step 2: Deposit $250

This is the next step before you start using the robot to trade. BitQH App allows you to deposit a minimum of $250 via wire transfer, Visa/MasterCard credit cards and several e-wallet options that are listed on the website. The robot connects users with affiliated brokers who handle the financial aspects of the account. These partners are reportedly regulated and therefore required to guarantee security to customers' money. You should check the background of the broker partners to ascertain their registration with financial regulators like the FCA, CySEC or ASIC.

Step 3: Start trading

Before you start using the live trading feature, take time to try things out using the demo account.

The demo trading feature on BitQH App allows you to familiarise yourself with the platform's interface. But more importantly, it provides you with a stress-free mechanism of visualising in real-time how trading looks like when using the robot's automated system. You don't spend money when using BitQH App's demo account.

After you are satisfied and familiar with the platform, toggle from demo account to live trading.  You still don't do anything much as the robot is fully-automated and will do all the work in the background. However, it is possible to manage your risk settings before you allow the algorithm to find and execute trades on your behalf.

Key Features of BitQH App


BitQH App claims to offer users reliability in payouts, with daily ROI going up to 300% as reported by some online reviews and user testimonials. According to the robot, customers only need to make the initial deposit of $250 to start profiting. Users are advised by the site to reinvest about 60% of profits to generate higher returns. These assertions have been strengthened by hundreds of positive user testimonials and online feedback. Payouts are calculated every day, with the user charged 2% of the profit as commission.

Verification System

The verification process on BitQH App is fast and easy to go through. Typically, users report that it takes about 10 minutes to sign up for an account and then dispense with verification. You need to verify your details such as your name and address by providing a valid government ID. The process also includes connecting with a broker provided by the BitQH App team. The financial institution needs to complete the KYC checks because that's a requirement. While you verify your ID, the broker will also connect your payment (bank) account through which you will receive payouts.

The Withdrawal Process for BitQH App

BitQH App reportedly has one of the easiest withdrawal processes in the sector. Clicking on the withdrawal button in your profile opens up a form in which you specify the amount to withdraw, the preferred currency, and where to send the money (bank account). The transaction typically settles within 24 hours. There are no limits to how many times you can withdraw money to your bank account.

Costs and Fees

Using this robot is free, with users only paying a commission of 2% per profitable trade. There is no sign-up fee or other hidden fees. This means that users keep all the payouts they get after the commission is deducted.

Customer Service

There is a dedicated customer support team that users have access to 24/7. You can contact the support team via live chat (which is the fastest and easiest way) to get feedback, or via email and phone.

Affiliated Brokers

BitQH App reportedly links its clients to several highly reputable and regulated brokers, who connect users on the platform with financial tools. Users get automatically linked to a broker, who manages the client's account. Although the robot and the broker work together, the client's money remains with the institution and is only released to the platform when you make a trade.

This is important as it means should there be disputes; a regulated financial provider registered in a given jurisdiction can be held to account. You can therefore trade with ease knowing your money is safe.

Is BitQH App a Scam?

It's not unusual for the market to take a sceptical view of a new product if there have been claims of scams before. That's what happens when many hear of a trading robot—because there have been instances of misleading claims made by some bots. So, is BitQH App legit?

User testimonials from external sources and published reviews from several sites paint a largely positive picture of the robot. Our testing of the site also included a referral to a broker partner.  A simple online check returned details of the firm as a regulated company. 

Based on online reviews, the robot appears to be legitimate. Perhaps, users could benefit more by taking advantage of the automation to do smart analytics and thus improve on manual trading strategies.

5 Reasons to Use BitQH App for Trading

There are several reasons why it's easier to use BitQH App, and there are also several reasons why using it can benefit a trader. Here is why you might want to check out this robot:

1. Intuitive User Interface

One of BitQH App's appealing features is its user-friendly and highly intuitive user interface. You don't need to be a tech-savvy person to use this robot. So while the software features complex algorithms, the interface is friendly. User experience and reviews show it has an easy-to-navigate design, with clear graphical displays for functionalities such as the sign-up process, deposit, trading and withdrawal. Even the live trading display is easy to understand, with minimal buttons that make it appear simple yet remaining powerful. Nothing is complicated or designed to confuse users.

2. Boasts Market-Leading Win Rate

BitQH App claims to have the highest win rate by percentage in the market. According to the details on the website and from user reviews, BitQH App's laser-accurate algorithms return win levels of 99.4%. It is reported that its AI and other superior technologies combine to secure such levels of accuracy.

3. Faster than Manual Trading

The BitQH App robot is said to be faster and intelligent, with the capacity to handle hundreds or even thousands of small yet profitable trades.

Reportedly, the advanced programming technology embedded into the software allows it to be 0.01 seconds ahead of the market. In trading, that's a lot of time for a head start, and it's way faster than any manual trading technique. If you are trading cryptocurrencies, then you know that prices can fluctuate several times in split-seconds. The robot is reportedly able to capture even the smallest price movements because it's fast. Speed impact trades.

4. Smart Analytics

The BitQH App robot uses technology to gather volumes of market data on a particular asset. It then quickly analyses it and calculates the potential for a trade to be profitable. All this happens in a split second thanks to the AI-powered system. Smart Analytics also enables the robot to combine technical data with news and other details that can inform trading insights. Within milliseconds, the bot can zero in on trading positions that have the highest probability of being winning bets. This reportedly happens over and over again as users reinvest their earnings, increasing the daily payout.

5. Remove Human Error

One of the risks of trading with emotions is that fear can make you miss a winning trade. Extreme greed can also cause a trader fail to take necessary risk management steps and result in a crippling loss. These are just a few examples of how human emotions can ruin a successful trade. BitQH App robot boasts fully-automated software that is not impacted by such hindrances. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of BitQH App


Fully automated
Easy to use trading platform
High win rate as per the site
Various deposit methods
Multi-platform support (web, desktop and mobile)
No license fee
Reportedly uses regulated brokers
Unlimited withdrawals
Founder details available


2% commission
No mobile app

BitQH App: Our Conclusion

The BitQH App is an auto trading tool that has gained a lot of popularity, with its high win rates and payouts reported to set it above rivals. It has the potential to significantly help users trade cryptocurrency. The simple and user-friendly interface also makes it attractive to new clients, while a dedicated customer support team is said to be available 24/7. If you are looking to try out this crypto trading robot, then the demo account would be a good point to start. 

Our review of the BitQH App shows that its use and popularity matches that of similar Bitcoin robots such as Bitcoin Bank, Bitcoin Code, and Bitcoin Profit. You can check them out for comparison as you trade cryptocurrencies. But be reminded that trading cryptocurrencies and other CFDs involve risks and losses. It is important to do due diligence for every asset before investing your hard-earned money.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Our research uncovered various online reviews and user testimonials that asserted BitQH App to be an authentic trading software.
  2. BitQH App’s website claims the software will not consume more than one hour of their time each day.
  3. Using BitQH App does not guarantee income, but if any, the amount earned depends on the prevailing market conditions, your risk appetite, the trading capital amount, and your knowledge of the trading robot.
  4. You should seek to understand all aspects of BitQH App by practising regularly through the demo account. Also, you should spend a lot of time collecting latest reports from the cryptocurrency market.
  5. The trading robot links new users up with brokers, on whose platform all the action happens. However, BitQH App does not give assurances concerning the licensing status of the brokers. This leaves you without option but to check the licensing details of the broker to which you are redirected.
  6. No. There is very high volatility in crypto trading that deprives BitQH App’s ability to guarantee income generation.
  7. Yes. Visit our robot hub to view robots we have previously reviewed.
  8. No. There were allegations of this nature but no amount of researching could yield supporting information, which led us to believe the allegations to be phony.
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