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Bitcoin Trend App Test & Review - Scam or Not?

We are aware of numerous websites which use false celebrity endorsements to send customers to unregulated brokers or call centers. Our website will only send customers to partners who have provided us with the required regulatory assurances. This is a marketing offer and our regulated partners will indicate what services they have available upon registration.

Many investors and traders in the cryptocurrency space are looking to benefit from the many opportunities the sector offers. 

That is why automated crypto trading software such as Bitcoin Trend App is becoming so popular. The team behind this robot claims that Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and other advanced technology power the trading system providing the user with a high level of accuracy.

But could Bitcoin Trend App be a scam? This review of this crypto robot takes an unbiased look at the software, with an in-depth analysis of its key features, how it works, and what reasons might call for the use of trading robots.

What is Bitcoin Trend App?

Bitcoin Trend App is a highly intuitive automated trading robot that claims to use the most advanced programming techniques. Its smart algorithms are reportedly powered by AI and Machine learning, making the robot not just fast, but also highly accurate. The split-second market analysis is said to allow users to automatically trade even on the smallest price movements on Bitcoin.

Who's Behind Bitcoin Trend App?

Bitcoin Trend App was likely created by an individual or highly skilled team with several years of experience as a top trader(s). It is also possible that the person behind the algorithm that drives the robot is someone with a background in programming and computer science as shown by the use of AI.

Although there is no name of a founder or team, Bitcoin Trend App's use of several reputable brokers points to a team that is highly regarded in the space.

Who's Behind Bitcoin Trend App?

How to Use Bitcoin Trend App

Getting started with the Bitcoin Trend App is very easy. The following steps provide a simple guide on how to go about using the platform.

Step 1: Register

You can sign up for an account with Bitcoin Trend App within a very short time. Simply go to the robot's website, where you'll see an invitation to open an account. Add the required details (name and email address), check the terms and conditions box, and click on the create account button.

Once you are done, an email will be sent to the provided contact asking you to verify your account details. This process takes just over five minutes, including connecting to an affiliate broker who handles all deposits and withdrawals.

Step 2: Deposit

The next step is to deposit money into your account. The minimum deposit amount according to the site is $250, which is what you'll have at your disposal as you start to trade. Go to the deposit page and follow the prompts to send money via wire transfer, credit card and several e-wallet options. Bitcoin Trend App does not charge you to deposit money into your account.

When you deposit the $250, the money is said to go to the partner broker. Because the broker is licensed and regulated, Bitcoin Trend App says that all user funds are secured.

Step 3: Start trading

You can start by using the demo feature to familiarise yourself with the feel and workings of the interface, trading platform, as well as all the settings. This is critical as it helps you see how it works before you begin live trading.

Once you get a grasp of things, switch to the Live Account profile and begin trading. Note that before you invest any money, you could make adjustments to the risk settings. This is optional though, as Bitcoin Trend App claims its proprietary application is fully automated and thus recommends that users work with the default settings.

This is because the crypto robot claims that you do not need any special skills to use it.

Key Features of Bitcoin Trend App

Here are the main features of the Bitcoin Trend App.


Bitcoin Trend App claims that customers can earn an average of 10% in daily payouts or profits when they invest with their platform. According to the details on the robots webpage as well as user testimonials and reviews, a trader can earn more by reinvesting their profits as they increase from the initial $250 deposited.

Although there are claims of some users making substantial amounts using the crypto robot, our review deduces that this would be due to the high experience level and equally substantial investments made by such users.

Notably, also, Bitcoin Trend App urges its users to let the robot trade continuously for at least 8 hours daily. This reportedly makes it possible for the algorithms to identify the most profitable trading hours and thus increase the likelihood of larger payouts.

Verification System

Verification reportedly takes less than 10 minutes when a new user signs up with Bitcoin Trend App.  There are two ways listed on the website detailing how customers can go about the verification process: by email and by phone (SMS).

While such KYC measures might not be attractive to some potential users, it should be noted that authorities require regulated financial providers to adhere to strict identity checks. In most cases, it is to check against the potential for the site to be used for money laundering and other nefarious activities.

The verification process also involves linking with a broker who might ask for details such as a valid government ID or proof of address. The process also includes the need for a customer to connect their trading account to a bank account into which payouts can be sent.

The Withdrawal Process for Bitcoin Trend App

The withdrawal process for Bitcoin Trend App is straightforward, with users allowed to make withdrawal requests any time as long as there's money in their account. The platform says there are no fees charged for one to withdraw money. After you fill the withdrawal form and complete the process, it takes about 24 hours for the money to be available in your account.

Costs and Fees

Bitcoin Trend App is free, which means customers do not pay any other fees nor do they face any hidden costs. As a result, customers apparently keep 100% of their profits and which they can withdraw to their bank accounts at no cost. However, while there are currently no extra charges, the team behind this robot is reportedly planning to introduce a small charge in the form of a license fee. The fee will allegedly be paid by any new customers who register for an account at the end of what the company has called a pilot phase.

Customer Service

Customer support is reportedly available 24/7 via email, live chat and phone. The live chat feature is the most frequently used channel of communication between the customer support team and users. Email requests reportedly take up to 48 hours between replies from the team, which looks like an area that needs to be improved. Otherwise, user testimonials and reviews available online reveal that customers are largely satisfied with the Bitcoin Trend App support team.

Affiliated Brokers

Affiliated brokers act as a financial gateway for the robot, with Bitcoin Trend App algorithms linked to the given broker to provide access to markets.

In its case, Bitcoin Trend App notes that it only works with brokers with a proven record, often those regulated by such bodies as the FCA and CYSEC. The assertion that all its partner brokers are registered financial providers helps add to the safety of users. Often, scams claim to partner with regulated brokers but what it turns out to be is a collection of faceless offshore entities.

It means that users who deposit money with these companies proceed without the assurance that their money is safe. Or in case of disputes, that there's a regulatory course of action to take. 

Is Bitcoin Trend App a Scam?

Unfortunate cases of people losing money because of scams have rightly seen most traders become sceptical about trading robots and that explains our decision to do a thorough review of the Bitcoin Trend App to establish whether it is legit. The numerous reviews we came across online about this trading bot, and from multiple credible testimonials, points towards this crypto bot not being a scam.

What also helps Bitcoin Trend App appear legitimate is its attempts to be transparent. There are disclosures about its partner brokers, fees and trading risks among other important aspects that overall would be missing from a scam.

But even with such information, it is important to remember that this is a trading tool that users can leverage to complement their trading strategies. It would be wrong to view it as a get-rich avenue even as you speculate on the price of Bitcoin.

5 Reasons to Use Bitcoin Trend App for Trading

Correctly using Bitcoin Trend App can have several benefits that users do not have when manual trading. Here are five reasons why using this robot can be beneficial.

1. Intuitive User Interface

Bitcoin Trend App's user-friendly platform is highly intuitive, with ease of accessibility complemented by GUI features such as trading, deposit, and withdrawal buttons. The display is also clean and eye-catchy, with no glaring graphics that can confuse traders.

Where there interactive icons, they are clearly marked and visible, meaning that you don't have to be highly skilled or tech-savvy to navigate the trading platform. You can easily customize some settings, including risk management settings like stop-loss or take-profit.

2. Boasts Market-Leading Win Rate

Bitcoin Trend App claims that its automated software has a win rate of 88%, one of the highest among robots that appear legit. Reportedly, the high levels of accuracy are a result of the advanced programming technology employed by the software.

3. Faster than Manual Trading

In trading, be it crypto or other financial instruments, speed is the key to spotting an opportunity and grabbing it. That's often the undoing of manual trading. Technical analysis and other aspects of trading are highly complex activities that take time and can often be the reason a trader misses a winning trade - that is if the technique involved manual trading.

Bitcoin Trend App boasts powerful algorithms that combine Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing to offer that one thing that every trader needs- speed. Reportedly, the robot is always ahead of the market by 0.01 seconds.

4. Smart Analytics

Bitcoin Trend App robot software can help traders benefit from the vast amounts of data its systems can gather within seconds. The technology behind the bot then takes milliseconds to interpret the data, with split-second decisions on which type of trade would be profitable. This is possible because of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Artificial Intelligence makes it possible for the robot to quickly analyse market data, while Machine Learning spots patterns, ensuring that winning mistakes are cut before trades are executed. Natural Language Processing on the other hand makes it possible for the robot to find news and other market-related insights that build towards sentiment analysis.

As such, the technology uses its inbuilt smart analytics capabilities to combine technical, fundamental and sentiment analysis into powerful data about the trade.

5. Remove Human Error

Human beings are driven by emotions, and for traders, it doesn't matter whether you're highly experienced or just starting. If you trade with emotions, you impact your chances of success.  A trading robot like Bitcoin Trend App is devoid of such weakness. It has no consideration of aspects like sudden fear, or a bolt of greed. Auto trading bots are data-driven and have consideration for what they feel (if they did) and that means no potential for human error in trades.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bitcoin Trend App


High win rate as per the site
Accepts Credit Card deposits
Works with regulated brokers
No fees or hidden costs
The user reportedly keeps 100% of earnings
24/7 customer service
Secure trading platform


No mobile app
No details about the founder

Bitcoin Trend App: Our Conclusion

Bitcoin Trend App offers an easy to use automated trading platform that crypto traders can leverage to improve their own trading. The robot appears to be legit based on online reviews and from feedback received through user testimonials. It has several advantages and can be beneficial to a trader who wishes to complement their manual trading. It is also worth mentioning that Bitcoin Trend App could become as popular as three other robots we reviewed a while ago: Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Trader, and CryptoTrader.

You can also check out these robots, but as you do, remember that trading CFDs (contracts for differences) is an inherently risky trading venture. Take time to learn the market, but also invest only what you can afford to lose.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Several user statements and online reviews profess Bitcoin Trend to be a legitimate trading software.
  2. The official Bitcoin Trend website claims Bitcoin Trend users need one hour each day to set up the software.
  3. Information on Bitcoin Trend’s website claims that the software is capable of earning up to $2,000 for its users. We feel that this amount is unrealistic especially noting that the crypto market is highly volatile. However, collecting the right information from different sources and utilising the Bitcoin Trend demo account for practising could guide you to that level.
  4. You should learn everything there is about crypto trading, as well as the things that make the market tick. You should also strive to reach expert level concerning Bitcoin Trend skills.
  5. In researching, Bitcoin Trend automatically redirected us to a broker, which the software assured us that it was the closest geographically. However, we did not get the assurance as far as the broker’s regulatory status was concerned. It is our opinion that you verify the licence information of your assigned brokers.
  6. No. Crypto trading entails too much speculative activities, which make the market too volatile for any certainties.
  7. Yes. Visit our robot hub to view robots we have previously reviewed.
  8. No. We stumbled on such rumours but we were able to establish that they were just rumours after hours of fishing for information.
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