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Bitcoin Superstar Test & Review - Scam or Not?

We are aware of numerous websites which use false celebrity endorsements to send customers to unregulated brokers or call centers. Our website will only send customers to partners who have provided us with the required regulatory assurances. This is a marketing offer and our regulated partners will indicate what services they have available upon registration.

Bitcoin is an incredible innovation that is turning the concept of finance on its head. But increasing access to the global financial industry is not the only strength for Bitcoin. It has also been gaining traction as an investment vehicle. To increase chances of profitable trading, softwares like Bitcoin Superstar are increasingly being used to automate trades.

The problem is that these kind of automated trading softwares is in plenty and hiding among them are some bad actors. Because we know how difficult it is to separate the good from the bad, we have created this Bitcoin Superstar review to guide you.

What Is Bitcoin Superstar?

The official website of Bitcoin Superstar claims that what unique about its software is how it harnesses the power of technology to perform cryptocurrency market analysis, including sentiment analysis. The resulting insights play a huge part in the software’s ability to increase the profitability of its users. Its users claim to experience convenience and versatility that is on another level because the software is optimized for all trading platforms, including mobile devices. No matter where you are, you can always have access to your active trades.

Who’s Behind Bitcoin Superstar?

Conrad Atherton reportedly created Bitcoin Superstar. He is an allegedly reputed crypto trader and software developer whose name is associated with many similar projects in the industry. According to information available on the web, Conrad had a vision of an auto trading software built on artificial intelligence technology that would revolutionize the way people approach crypto trading. It is said, that this is why the software is heavy on leveraging machine learning to fine-tune its decision-making.


Who’s Behind Bitcoin Superstar?

How to Use Bitcoin Superstar

1. Bitcoin Superstar Account Registration

Bitcoin Superstar simplifies the registration process to make it easy for even the least sophisticated individuals to create an account. On the website, the registration location is a small window on your right with three boxes for inputting your full names and a valid email address. When you click “NEXT”, the page pans to another window that calls for your phone number. The last window requires password entry after which your account will be set up. It is important to ensure that you enter the right information to expedite the verification process, which takes just a few seconds.

2. Demo Account

A little more than a minute passes before your account is set up. But first, you will be redirected to a broker’s trading platform to complete registration, which includes setting up preferred payment methods. Before even depositing funds, the platform allows you to create a demo account to ‘test drive’ the trading bot and to learn how to navigate the new trading environment. We advise that you make good use of the demo account because it helps to refine your trading strategies before you go live. Also, demo trading is great if you want to learn how to correctly manage risk.

3. Deposit Funds

Now, here is where the relationship between the trading software and the trading platform gets interesting. Because the software embeds in the trading platform, everything on the page is synchronised. For instance, the instructions for funding your account is on the broker’s trading account, but this also reflects within the trading bot. When we created our account, there were several payment methods from which we could choose the most preferred. This huge range of options is critical to ensure that all traders get the chance to fund their accounts. The minimum deposit required to activate the live trading account is $250.

4. Start Trading

Demo trading should be enough training to launch you into the real world of cryptocurrency trading, but Bitcoin Superstar goes a step further. The software is said to provide comprehensive educational resources that will provide you with all the knowledge you need to make good use of the software. Before you make the first trade, make sure you activate the trading software by clicking the “Activate” button that is prominently displayed on the right of the platform. For the sake of prudence, start with a small deposit, one that you can avoid losing, and grow according to your performance.

Key Features of Bitcoin Superstar

Bitcoin Superstar does not operate in a vacuum and competition in this niche is high. However, people still gravitate to the software because it offers them a unique experience, one that is made possible by certain features including: 


The platform claims users can make a daily profit of $1,100. In one of the reviews on the Bitcoin Superstar’s home page, a user says he made a profit of $10,000 in the first 47 days of trading with it. However, we feel that this is unrealistic. Our research showed that payouts are subject to factors such as a user’s experience and the amount of trading capital, and even with both of these in ample quantities, a great deal of luck would still be required. Also, the kind of risk management technique you use will determine if you are able to achieve similar success.

Verification System

Bitcoin Superstar excites when it comes to verification of the details of new users. As long as you enter authentic details in the registration window, your account takes less than a minute to set up. Further ahead, you will enter more details to specify certain things such as the payment methods, your area of residence and so on. This information helps the software to adhere to the KYC and AML regulations laid down by the regulator. Also, the verification system helps to secure your presence on the platform.

The Withdrawal Process for Bitcoin Superstar

First, you need to do some actual trading to increase the size of the account before thinking about withdrawal. To withdraw, a user follows a simple process that begins with making a withdrawal request. In the request, you specify the amount of money you intend to move and the payment option you would like to use. Obviously, you cannot request more than your account is worth. Withdrawal is instant but the time the funds take to reflect in your bank account is contingent on the payment method you chose. 

Costs and Fees

It is reported by users that the trading platform does not burden anyone with costs and fees, explicit or hidden. Even obtaining the software is free. Nobody understands the significance of this until they withdraw funds and notice that 100% of what was in the account is transferred to the bank account. 

Customer Service

In a review posted on Bitcoin Superstar’s website, a user celebrates the software’s customer service for their quick response to a problem she had. Customer service is reachable via email and telephone. A chat function on the trading platform is the third avenue for reaching out. If you want real-time feedback and assistance, then the telephone should be your choice of communication.

Affiliated Brokers

After our account was set up, we were immediately redirected to an affiliated broker’s trading platform. From the trading platform, users are able to connect to cryptocurrency markets. It is important to note that all the affiliates we encountered were reputable brokers, which gave us the confidence to start trading as soon as our account was active. It was interesting how Bitcoin Superstar interacts with the trading platform. The automated trading system integrates into the platform making it part of a whole. Once the bot is active, the algorithms take over the market analysis and trade execution. However, you can switch the software off easily if you want to try out some manual trades.

Is Bitcoin Superstar a Scam?

The cryptocurrency ecosystem is no stranger to scams. Most of the products that promise instant wealth have turned out to be traps set up by bad actors to enrich themselves illegally. We understand that you might have had similar thoughts when you first heard about it, so we set out to probe the software.

From the onset, reviews and testimonials of the software speak in a positive tone. One user was happy he discovered it after falling victim to scams more than five times previously. In our own experience, we were satisfied by the referrals to affiliated brokers which were legitimate and regulated. The performance was consistent with a well-developed piece of software, and users claim that Bitcoin Superstar offers a genuine opportunity for profit.  

5 Reasons to Use Bitcoin Superstar for Trading

Bitcoin Superstar may not just be a regular software for auto trading. According to reports, five things stood out that differentiate the software from rivals. We explain them below:

1. Intuitive User Interface

In cryptocurrency trading, intuition is an underrated virtue so much so that the few who understand its significance are often misunderstood. Bitcoin Superstar distils the virtue and embeds it in its user interface. Everything seems to be in the right place, which excites the eye. The transitions from one item to another create a certain feeling that makes crypto trading an exciting experience. The interface is ultimately designed to be user friendly and accessible to traders of all levels of experience.

2. Boasts Market-Leading Win Rate

Obviously, you wouldn’t even think of a trading bot if it performs poorly when left to take over your trading activities. The software has win rates at the very core of its purpose, and we read on the official website that the win rate averaged at around 99.6%. 

Trading software that can achieve a win rate of more than 80% would be great for trading with. However, we noticed that certain things like a slow internet connection could greatly slow down the software. As such, we advise that you give the platform everything it requires for optimal performance and thoroughly test it through a demo account before putting down real money. 

3. Faster Than Manual Trading

Its algorithms are said to be AI-powered, meaning they can scrape the entire web at a high speed for relevant data. After gathering the information. Compared to manual trades, the software is reported to be super fast, placing Bitcoin Superstar head and shoulders above similar products that do not receive so much online support.

4. Smart Analytics 

Bitcoin Superstar seems to be at the cutting edge of automated performance. The website claims that this is drawn from the artificial intelligence technology that underlies the software’s programming. Because of this technology, the software is said to behave as if it has a real mind for learning and refining investment decisions and having the capacity to decide what information to collect, and how to best interpret it for the most useful insights. 

5. Remove Human Error

One thing that makes manual trades least favourable is the propensity to make errors, and the ramifications can be heart-stopping. Imagine having to stay for hours on end in front of a computer screen trying to make sense of a market that gyrates at an insanely high frequency. After a few hours, you will be too tired to even make out a chart clearly. At this point, you will make many errors that could lead to wrong trades, wiping your account in just a day. 

Automated trading has the potential to take this pain away. Good trading software can do one thing a million times over without tiring. Because no human intervention is required other than initializing the software and setting it up, no single human error is experienced when auto trading.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bitcoin Superstar


The software can be obtained without paying a single penny
Reported to have AI-powered algorithms to make the software powerful and smart in its analysis
New users supply a few details for registration making fast and less arduous
A demo account facilitates better understanding of the trading environment
Users can perform leveraged crypto trading
Round the clock customer support


Limited to Bitcoin trading
Payment options limited to banks and a few digital wallets

Our Conclusion

Bitcoin Superstar has users that confidently state online that the platform shines in terms of comfortable payouts, an eye-exciting user interface, a competitive success rate, and smart analysis of the crypto market. The customer service and association with reputable brokers are reported to be some of the software's most prominent features.

You must understand, however, that no form of investment trading is without risk. We advise that you make good use of the demo account available, and learn all you can about investment trading. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. The website lists several testimonials that declare Bitcoin Superstar as legit. A further look around the internet shows more reviews and testimonials that affirm Bitcoin Superstar’s authenticity.
  2. There is no information as to the hours you need to spend on the software. However, the software is well-built and we believe that you might need just a few hours on it if you put in enough effort towards its mastery.
  3. The website claims users can earn $1,500 in daily profits, which we believe is only possible if you stake a high trading capital, and that you know your way around the software like the back of your hand.
  4. Bitcoin Superstar includes a demo feature for helping users to learn how the software works. Make a great use of this feature if you want to stack the odds of success on your side. Also, you should have your finger of the crypto market’s pulse, literally.
  5. Trading software does link you up with the market and they rely on affiliated brokers for this task. Bitcoin Superstar automatically directs you to a suitable broker after you complete the signup process. However, always determine the regulatory status of the broker before any further action because Bitcoin Superstar does not guarantee that the broker is regulated.
  6. No. Even though Bitcoin Superstar is a fine piece of software, it cannot guarantee you income because the crypto market is too unpredictable.
  7. Yes. We have reviewed pieces of software like Bitcoin Superstar and you can view them in our robot hub.
  8. No. There are claims of this nature but we could not find verifiable information to support them.
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