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Bitcoin SuperSplit Test & Review - Scam or Not?

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Bitcoin SuperSplit has established itself as one of the most popular algorithmic trading robots, with many traders considering it to be an outstanding performer. However, in an increasingly crowded marketplace, it is important to test these claims, and see it compares with other crypto trading bots.

Bitcoin SuperSplit has proven to be very popular with users, reportedly becoming one of the most successful platforms to trade in the contemporary marketplace.

However, popularity is not always a guarantee of quality, so in this particular review of Bitcoin SuperSplit, we will assess the strengths of this platform.

What is Bitcoin SuperSplit?

As per the site, Bitcoin SuperSplit implements trading secrets from a group of institutional traders, enabling investors to benefit from crypto trading. 

To achieve this, the trading robot applies artificial intelligence technologies to the cryptocurrency market. The use of AI in trading has become highly popular, and Bitcoin SuperSplit uses some of the techniques associated with these established methods. 

Who's Behind Bitcoin SuperSplit?

Bitcoin SuperSplit has been reportedly created by a group of institutional traders from Wall Street. The aim was to help people trade the cryptocurrencies without needing to understand all of the complexities associated with the market. This team of cryptocurrency traders worked with software engineers to design this automated trading system for crypto, creating the Bitcoin SuperSplit platform which is now freely available for everyone.

How to Use Bitcoin SuperSplit

Before getting started on Bitcoin SuperSplit, it is necessary to follow a few simple steps, and this begins with the process of registering an account.

Step 1: Register

Registering with Bitcoin SuperSplit is relatively straightforward, and simply requires users to complete a basic registration form. It's important to ensure that all of your details are accurate at this point, as there is a verification process associated with registration. Agree to all terms and conditions, and also select the checkbox which enables you to receive updates, and you’re good to go!

Bitcoin SuperSplit will also prompt you to verify your email and phone number, while customer service agents will walk you through the process of verifying your identity. This is in line with regulatory requirements in most countries, and adds credibility to the platform.

Step 2. Deposit

Bitcoin SuperSplit then requires you to fund your account with at least $250 to participate in the Bitcoin market. Accounts can be funded via debit/credit cards, wire transfer, e-wallets, crypto, and many other payment methods.

Step 3. Demo Account

Bitcoin SuperSplit also includes a demo account which makes it possible for users to test out their cryptocurrency strategies. This is a really important part of the process, as it enables new traders to experience an authentic cryptocurrency environment without risking real-world money.

Video tutorials and manuals are also widely available, and these are expressed in simple language, to be intuitive and easy to follow. Bitcoin SuperSplit also offers periodic webinars, which help inform users of developments in the crypto markets.

Their demo accounts assist users with their preparation for the live trading environment, and can be considered invaluable.

Step 4. Live Trading

Finally, once users have garnered enough experience, they can go for live trading. Users can adjust risk management settings while trading.

Risk management features in Bitcoin SuperSplit include Stop Loss and Take Profit, all of which help to make this a safe trading mechanism. We found the user interface and overall platform associated with Bitcoin SuperSplit to be user-friendly and intuitive, and beginners should be able to commence trading in no time.

Key Features of Bitcoin SuperSplit

There are many features included in the Bitcoin SuperSplit platform, but here is a breakdown of the key functionality of this algorithmic trader.


Bitcoin SuperSplit has included a payout system, which automatically calculates all earnings that the investor has achieved during a particular live trading session. This feature of the platform will initiate automatically when a trading session is culminating, and then ceases as soon as it ends. 

Verification System

There is also a stringent verification system associated with Bitcoin SuperSplit, which ensures that the platform complies with all necessary regulations. Nonetheless, this isn't too obstructive for users, as verification can be achieved relatively quickly, and with minimal input from customers.

The Withdrawal Process for Bitcoin SuperSplit

Withdrawals are handled swiftly and professionally by Bitcoin SuperSplit, and it is particularly straightforward to link a bank account to the system. It is advisable to begin with a small deposit on the website, and this is limited to $250 by the platform.

This means that there is a relatively low barrier for entry for Bitcoin SuperSplit, and that bank transfers can be used to begin trading rapidly. Withdrawals follow a standard procedure, and there are no hidden fees involved. Users can expect to receive any funds earned via Bitcoin SuperSplit within 24 hours.

Costs and Fees

There is no fee charged to open a new Bitcoin SuperSplit account—this is completely free. They do charge a 2% commission on earnings made, but there are no license fees associated with the platform. 

Customer Service

There is a customer support system in place at Bitcoin SuperSplit, and this is available on a 24/7 basis. There is a customer service support team available at all times, while telephone operatives can also be contacted during office hours. Users attest that agents are both helpful and knowledgeable, and the company operates an efficient service in this regard.

Affiliated Brokers

Bitcoin SuperSplit partner brokers have been regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority. In Australia, the Australian Securities and Investment Commission, and other reputable organisations, meaning that its affiliate can be considered trustworthy and reliable.

Is Bitcoin SuperSplit a Scam?

Users attest that this trader is an excellent way for new users to begin to understand the cryptocurrency marketplace.

Brokers associated with Bitcoin SuperSplit have also achieved all of the relevant regulation and approval from important authoritative bodies, and the platform has also put a variety of measures in place which help to protect users and their investments. 

5 Reasons to Use Bitcoin SuperSplit for Trading

Some of the features of Bitcoin SuperSplit are:

Intuitive User Interface

Bitcoin SuperSplit features an extremely impressive user interface, both intuitive for beginners and feature-packed for more advanced users. Users report that this automated trading platform is slick in operation, with a wealth of options at the disposal of traders.

Boasts Market-Leading Win Rate

Based on online reviews, Bitcoin SuperSplit has performed well in both testing and real-world conditions, delivering a win rate and ROI that compares favourably with any other trading system.

Faster than Manual Trading

Algorithmic trading reportedly makes it possible to trade in an extremely short timeframe, with the robotic trader making decisions in a split-second. This ensures that market trends can be reacted to with incredible speed, in a way that is impossible for humans to imitate.

Smart Analytics

The core of the Bitcoin SuperSplit project is its smart analytics framework. The Wall Street traders behind the project have reportedly ensured that its algorithmic makeup is incredibly sophisticated, giving the platform the edge in the fast-moving market.

Remove Human Error

An algorithmic trading software is an excellent way to remove human error from the trading process. Humans can be fallible in the emotional conditions that emerge in financial trading, and this is where a robotic trader could potentially give you a competitive edge.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bitcoin SuperSplit


Free and designed for new traders.
Fully automated.
Quick deposits and withdrawals.
Swift and easy registration.
Credible affiliated brokers.
Low-deposit entry point.


No mobile app is available yet.
Relatively new platform.

Bitcoin SuperSplit: Conclusion

In conclusion, based on online reviews and user testimonials, Bitcoin SuperSplit appears to be an easy to use platform to begin trading cryptocurrencies. Users attest that it provides a secure environment for those who have never dabbled in cryptocurrency previously, while possessing enough powerful features to satisfy experienced traders as well.

As per the site, Bitcoin SuperSplit is associated with affiliated brokers. This is also an intuitive and user-friendly platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. There are no registration fees associated with the platform.

  2. The platform is designed for both inexperienced and expert traders.

  3. It is an auto trading software and its algorithmic capability allows users to trade without much input.

  4. Most platforms complete the registration and verification process within 24-48 hours.

  5. The automated mode effectively handholds users through the entire process and is also an ideal setting for those with no experience of cryptocurrency. The robot does the trading based on an algorithm.

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