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Bitcoin Secret Test & Review - Scam or Not?

We are aware of numerous websites which use false celebrity endorsements to send customers to unregulated brokers or call centers. Our website will only send customers to partners who have provided us with the required regulatory assurances. This is a marketing offer and our regulated partners will indicate what services they have available upon registration.

The amazing profits that have been reported by crypto traders in recent years have led to a tremendous surge in the global popularity of Bitcoin and altcoins. The rise of trading robots is, therefore, to have been expected as more people look for ways to profit from the boom in digital currencies.

While many people are likely to ask how trading bots work, others are cautious to believe that the fantastic gains reported are true. In this light, should Bitcoin Secret be accepted as a genuine and credible auto trader? We will try to answer these questions in this review. 


What is Bitcoin Secret?

Bitcoin Secret is an auto trading software that is reported to have an accuracy rate of more than 90% and has apparently gained huge online acclaim in recent years. Both mainstream media and numerous internet outlets have posted reports on how robot trading is making a difference in profit-making for investors.

This software claims to work by carrying out a real-time analysis of global market data to glean existing opportunities for profits.


Who is Behind Bitcoin Secret?

Although no one knows who the creator of the bot is, it does not necessarily invalidate its usefulness. Satoshi Nakamoto, who created Bitcoin is not known, so anonymity is not unheard of in the cryptocurrency field. Users of the software attest online that the platform could have only been created by a team of highly skilled developers. 

Who is Behind Bitcoin Secret?

How to Use Bitcoin Secret

1. Registration

To use the bot, you must have created an account by providing your email address, phone number and full name. A confirmation link will be sent to your email inbox for you to click to authenticate your new account. You will receive a call from a broker representative thereafter, to teach you how the bot works and what you should expect.

2. Make a Deposit

The next step here is to make a minimum deposit of $250 for your trading account to be activated. The accepted deposit methods are bank deposits, wire transfer, or credit or debit card. After your deposit is confirmed, you will be able to start trading.

3. Start Trading

Just before you begin to trade, you should set trading parameters on the bot, as the software will only work based on your pre-set data. Indicate your daily trading amount, frequency of withdrawal and specify how much of your profits you want to send to your bank account.

As experienced financial traders would advise, using tools such as stop-losses and stop-limits can help stem your losses and maximise your gains. Stop-losses will indicate the floor price level at which a sale is triggered, while a stop-limit indicates the price to buy or sell at.

Key Features of Bitcoin Secret

While many robots have similar features, there are others that have functionalities with distinct advantages that some traders find particularly effective. Online testimonials have identified some key features of Bitcoin Secret which we will list here.


Bitcoin Secret is reputed to have an accuracy rate of more than 90%. The reported testimonials on the official website of the bot indicate investors are cashing out regularly. In addition, the bot’s user guide also explains that investors are able to keep 100% of their profits. With a payout supposedly well above the average for leading bots, Bitcoin Secret occupies a pride of place in the global bot market.

The Verification Process

New users must verify their account to use Bitcoin Secret. As the process is fast and without delays, each investor can complete this step expeditiously by providing a standard means of identification; such as an international passport or drivers’ licence.

You should also expect to link your bank account to the bot platform for withdrawals. Your user details should be in accord with your bank details, otherwise linking may be unsuccessful. By taking the steps to verify each user, the platform is ensuring that user integrity is ensured as expected from regulated platforms.

The Withdrawal Process for Bitcoin Secret

At all times, you should easily have access to any profits the bot delivers. All withdrawal requests are reported to be completed within a day. 

Costs and Fees

There are no hidden fees on the bot. Investors can keep all the profits they make without restrictions, and withdrawals can be made to your bank account seamlessly. 

Customer Service

You will have your first encounter with customer service just after registration. After a new account confirmation link is activated by the user, a customer service representative will put a call through. This feature was confirmed when we opened a new account to explore how the bot works.

Just as several users have said on Bitcoin Secret’s website, customer service on the platform is consistent and investors can seek clarification at any time by sending a message across or reviewing the trading software knowledge base.

Affiliated Brokers

Bitcoin Secret uses a network of brokers for global reach. Affiliated brokers provide platforms for investors to access the bot. While an investor is unable to determine the broker to work with, there is a standard investor-to-broker matching procedure that automatically gets triggered when a new user signs up. 

Regulated brokers are held to a high level of operational standard, which in turn protects investors and ensures that service delivery remains top-notch. For security purposes, most crypto wallets use a private key for access. Most brokers advise you use two-factor authentication to safeguard your account.

Is Bitcoin Secret a Scam?

Users of Bitcoin Secret have tested its functionalities, the withdrawal processes, and the outcome was described as very positive on the website. Investments made can be reviewed for results every day.

We also paid attention to user reviews showing the payout they have received compared to our experience with the software. From user data protection to the availability of end-to-end encryption that prevents platform compromise, investors have apparently had enough reasons to rate this crypto trading software as a credible source.

The increasing visibility of crypto trading platforms, as well as bot scams, can be confusing to investors. A scam bot is designed to look like genuine bots but will not produce the results expected. No scam will provide investment returns.

5 Reasons to Use Bitcoin Secret for Trading

Several regulated brokers operate around the world. To some investors, the dilemma might be - why use the bot when the regulated brokers are available? An investor can decide to use the direct services of regulated brokers but the lightning speed well developed automated software cannot be underrated.

User testimonials indicate there are other features of Bitcoin Secret that significantly set it apart from similar products. We will list 5 of them here.

1. Intuitive User Interface

Irrespective of the experience level of the investor, the bot’s user interface is reported to be easy to understand and already configured, ready-to-use. The website claims a user has no need to worry about technical details as the layout is simple, uncluttered, and user-friendly. All the icons on the Graphical User Interface (GUI) are activated and a few minutes of observing its contents is enough to be able to navigate it.

2. Boasts Market-Leading Win-Rate

While many bots are promoted to be profitable and genuine, their payout can be poor and withdrawals can be very laborious. Bitcoin Secret claims to have a chart-topping win-rate that a rational crypto trader or investor will be interested in. The auto trader functionality is said to ensure that immediate opportunities are taken. However, it must be stated that CFD trading carries a great amount of risk, regardless of what software you are using to trade. Learn all you can before putting any real money down.                                                              

3. Faster than Manual Trading

A manual trader will have to look through thousands of pages and figure out market charts to be able to get the kind of results that the bot offers. Crypto markets are volatile and changes in the fortunes of a digital currency occur every second or less. While a manual data review will lead to delayed initiation of trades and loss of profit-making opportunities, Bitcoin Secret claims to use an A.I-enabled trading algorithm which ensures cutting-edge trade prompts so that opportunities are maximised for more gains.

4. Smart Analytics

Across the globe, changes in market data occur from East to West, presenting opportunities for investors to make profits with the tiny changes in prices. To be able to keep a grasp of market behaviours and events affecting price changes, smart analytics must be available. This is a feature of Bitcoin Secret users already applaud through the testimonials that they post online. Recognising market changes and making the most of them gives the bot some of the market-leading results that are well-reviewed.

5. Remove Human Error

There is an incredibly large volume of cryptocurrency market data produced every day, so it can be emotionally draining — even for the most experienced investor — to analyse all the new data as the market makes its moves.

With good auto-trading software, automated analysis and trading is completed every day and automatically, thereby avoiding human errors and providing greater profitability and optimal returns. The spectre of what to trade on and the right combinations to make can be difficult when mixed emotions get in the way.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bitcoin Secret


Reported to have high hit rate
Immediate access to global markets
Claims to be built upon smart analytics for optimal trade outcomes
Fully automatic trading available


Limit on trading pairs available
Not available in all locations

Bitcoin Secret: Our Conclusion

Bitcoin Secret boasts of several market-topping features that cannot escape the attention of an investor looking for profit-making opportunities. The reported high win-rate, ease of use of the platform, and smart analytics are some of the leading features of this crypto trading bot among its users.

Investors with little or no experience will have no problem with the account user interface, while experienced traders will be comfortable to use to increase the frequency of their trades for better returns. With the volatility of cryptocurrency markets to contend with, the manual trader might find it difficult to cope with the rapid data changes.

Optimised software makes it easier to recognize opportunities across global markets. The credibility of Bitcoin Secret is reinforced by the published reviews of several users on the official website that attests to the profitability reported on the bot website. 

To discover other options, read our reviews of similar products such as Bitcoin Blueprint, Bitcoin Hero and Bitcoin Code.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. From the look of things, Bitcoin secret has a substantial following because several reviews and testimonials on online platforms claim the software is legitimate.
  2. The official Bitcoin Secret website claims users need one hour per day using the software. We feel that the information should explain further that beginners might want to spend more time on the platform as they continue to learn.
  3. Bitcoin Secret professes that users can earn a few thousands each day of using the software. However, we would like to add that your ability to achieve this amount depends on how well you know your way around the software, the trading capital you commit, and your mastery of crypto market conditions.
  4. Success with autotrading software begins with a clear understanding of how the platform works. Next, gather as much information about cryptoassets and what makes them tick. Lastly, learn how to create strategies that marry the strengths of the software with the opportunities in the market.
  5. Bitcoin Secret, as do other autotrading software, redirects users to brokers who facilitate the trading process. This process happens automatically and there is no guarantee that your assigned broker is regulated. As such, make a habit of establishing the regulatory status of the brokers.
  6. No. Bitcoin Secret takes advantage of profitable market opportunities but it does not eliminate market risk, which is high.
  7. Yes. Visit our robot hub for a list of autotrading software that we have previously reviewed.
  8. No. There is talk of celebrities rooting for Bitcoin Secret but our investigation could not uncover any validating information.
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