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Bitcoin Power Test & Review - Scam or Not?

We are aware of numerous websites which use false celebrity endorsements to send customers to unregulated brokers or call centers. Our website will only send customers to partners who have provided us with the required regulatory assurances. This is a marketing offer and our regulated partners will indicate what services they have available upon registration.

Bitcoin, just touched a new milestone in late 2021, and it got the world talking. Many more people around the world wanted an opportunity to tap into the potential for crypto to change their financial status, and trading robots like Bitcoin Power were on hand to supplement the venture.

But there is a problem. The trading robots have proliferated, and each one promises a faster route to success. How do you tell if a trading software is legit? Well, that’s why we put together this Bitcoin Power review together to help you make a good choice.

What is Bitcoin Power?

Bitcoin Power delivers the same service as many other trading robots but how it does it sets this software apart. Fast and smart AI-based algorithms are the robot’s most defining aspect. Also, the robot performs market analysis in a few short seconds and provides trading signals based on the specified parameters.

Who’s Behind Bitcoin Power?

Bitcoin Power is a popular trading robot if the feedback posted on various internet-based forums is anything to go by. Nonetheless, we were unable to put a name to the brains behind this piece of software. Still, we feel that the creator(s) must be an intelligent trader because many online user testimonials suggest that the software is a great trading companion. Their website claims that the software collaborates with regulated brokers, which implies that Bitcoin Power aims for legitimacy, and perhaps the creator simply wants to remain behind the scenes.

How to Use Bitcoin Power

Getting Started

Your first step into the Bitcoin Power fraternity begins with account registration. The registration process is simple and fast because you only need to provide your full name, a working mobile phone number, and a valid email address. Once done, go ahead and click the “REGISTER NOW” button.

Fund the Account

It only takes a few seconds before you receive a phone call from a Bitcoin Power customer service representative. You might be asked to provide further details if necessary, but the call is usually intended to guide you through the funding of your account. Besides the call, you will be redirected to an affiliated broker’s platform with further directions on how to make a deposit. Bitcoin Power accepts several payment methods, such as bank cards, digital payment service providers, and direct bank transfers.

Start trading

Whether you are a pro or just taking your first peek into crypto trading, it is always prudent to begin by getting a feel of the new trading environment. Thankfully, Bitcoin Power comes with a demo trading feature, where you receive dummy funds for practice trading. You should spend as much time as possible on the demo account until you have enough confidence to take on the real thing. 

Get Better

This is a step that many people miss, and the few who try it out often perform better. Getting better at using Bitcoin Power, or any other trading robot entails reading educational materials from different sources to increase your understanding of cryptocurrency trading. The information gathered should help you to get better at setting risk management levels, and making better decisions when setting up the auto trading software.

Key Features of Bitcoin Power


The official Bitcoin Power website does not put a figure on the amount you should expect to earn using the software, but a quick search online delivers plenty of figures. From our review of user testimonials and online Bitcoin Power reviews, we found that the trading robot could potentially earn users $2,000 in daily profits using a $250 trading capital. However, we feel that this is an unrealistic amount unless you have a great deal of experience and higher trading capital. We would also like to point out that the majority of the testimonials may be from expert Bitcoin Power users who boast years of experience using the software.

Verification System

Setting up an account with Bitcoin Power is fast, usually taking less than two minutes of your time. The verification system starts after you submit your full name, a valid email address, and a working telephone number. Stage two of the verification process kicks in after you have completed setting up your account on the affiliated broker’s trading platform. This stage requires more details, such as location information, tax information, and bank details. You should receive a verification message in under four hours. 

The Withdrawal Process for Bitcoin Power

The Bitcoin Power website claims the software does not impose restrictions on the number of times users can withdraw funds, as long as there are funds in the account. In testing, we experienced a seamless withdrawal process. Also, the time it takes for the funds to land in your bank account varies across different payment methods. Even bank transfers vary because some banks expedite the transactions while others are slower. 

Costs and Fees

Bitcoin Power does not take a dime from your earnings. The trading robot’s website asserts that all transactions are without cost and users get to keep 100% of their profits. 

Customer Service

In testing, we discovered that the Bitcoin Power customer support team is reachable via email and telephone. Bitcoin Power’s website says that they will be putting up a chat function soon, which will add a third communication channel. Nevertheless, we found the existing channels to be responsive.  

Affiliated Brokers

After you have successfully registered an account with Bitcoin Power, you will receive a phone call from a customer support agent with directions on how to proceed. In our case, the agent took us through the completion of account registration on the affiliated broker’s platform, to which we had been redirected. Bitcoin Power embeds itself on the trading platform, and all you have to do to activate it is to click on an “ON” button on the extreme right of the platform. It means you can choose to go manual to leverage the full potential of Bitcoin Power.

Is Bitcoin Power a Scam?

Everything good has an ugly underbelly. The trading robot wave is no different. As more developers marshal brainpower and financial resources to create useful pieces of software that are levelling the playing field in crypto trading, some bad actors have also been busy outputting junk in the name of trading robots. Unfortunately, many scams have perfected their craft to the extent of appearing more legit than actual trading robots. We put Bitcoin Power to the test to determine where it stands. 

We searched deep into the internet for information that would point us to anything suspicious about Bitcoin Power. However, all we could find were testimonials and reviews showing Bitcoin Power in a positive light. 

The second stage of our legitimacy test entailed probing their customer service communication channels. It has become a trend that trading robot scams display phoney email addresses and telephone numbers, which means they wouldn’t work if you tried reaching customer support. In our case, we found the telephone number and email address in good working condition. Moreover, based on online reviews and user testimonials, Bitcoin Power appears to be an authentic auto trading software. 

5 Reasons to Use Bitcoin Power for Trading

Bitcoin Power offers more than just automation of crypto trading processes that would otherwise be bothersome to the user. Here are five reasons to use the trading software: 

1. Intuitive User Interface

A trading robot’s ability to live up to the promises of the developer is as good as the graphical user interface (GUI), at least from the perspective of the user. Users believe the GUI is a visual representation of what the software can achieve. Bitcoin Power has an easily navigable GUI, which also includes some breath-taking optics. The interface is unique in the way that it packs lots of information while maintaining an uncluttered feel. 

2. Boasts Market-Leading Win Rate

The Bitcoin Power website claims the software could potentially post a 96% accuracy rate, which translates to daily profitability of around 70%. This is a huge statement, which we believe could have some weight considering that the software underlying its technology is made up of AI-based algorithms. Additionally, we encountered several user testimonials on the internet, as well as on the Bitcoin Power website itself, claiming that the trading robot’s win rate is up there among market leaders.

3. Faster than Manual Trading

According to the official Bitcoin Power website, the core aspect of Bitcoin Power’s algorithms is an AI application area known as natural language processing (NLP). NLP expedites the speed at which a robot gathers and analyses market data, such as news. Because of NLP, Bitcoin Power can perform tasks that normally take human traders two to five hours in under five minutes. Therefore, Bitcoin Power looks like the companion of choice for crypto traders, especially considering that speed is critical because of the high volatility levels in crypto markets.

4. Smart Analytics 

Aside from speed, NLP enables algorithms to perform tasks with an unprecedented level of accuracy. It means Bitcoin Power can gather vast amounts of data and breeze through, and come out at the other end with useful insights.  

5. Remove Human Error

Human traders not only take ages to gather and analyse the market–after which the insights are stale because the market is fast-moving–but also make a lot of errors. For instance, a trader might be distracted by a call or a notification from one of his/her social media pages, which leads to a loss of concentration. In short, humans err a lot when analysing crypto markets, and this translates to poor win rates if any. On the contrary, Bitcoin Power avoids errors because it is not hindered by such things as emotions and distractions. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bitcoin Power


The customer support team is active 24/7 and is highly responsive
Users create a trading account without paying any fees/commissions
It comes with a demo feature for practising
It supports a wide variety of payment methods for easy and convenient transactions
No fees during withdrawal, meaning users claim 100% of their winnings
The account registration process is simple and expedited


It does not come with a mobile app
It demands a minimum deposit that is higher than some of its competitors

Bitcoin Power: Our Conclusion

Getting started with Bitcoin Power is easy and the process demands as few personal details as possible. This is an important gesture that shows Bitcoin Power is willing to support one of the primary goals of cryptocurrency, which is to reduce the intrusive nature of traditional finance. Also, Bitcoin Power assigns users to brokers based on geographical proximity. The important thing about this assignment is that it makes it easy for users to pursue justice when necessary.

The developers managed to infuse AI-technology to be the core operating system of the software. AI makes Bitcoin Power faster than any human trader can imagine. The robot has made it possible for crypto traders to endure the high volatility inherent in the cryptocurrency market.

Perhaps the most important benefit of Bitcoin Power is that the robot has levelled the playing field in crypto trading. The software is easy to use, which means anyone that can grasp how it operates can trade crypto. Bitcoin Power joins other pieces of software, such as Bitcoin Millionaire, Bitcoin Aussie System and Crypto Trader in helping the wider society to tap into the income potential of cryptocurrency. 

Nevertheless, it is important to note that neither Bitcoin Power nor the other robots exclude the risk inherent in crypto trading. CFDs are a risky instrument and a new trader must gain some experience before investing huge sums. Therefore, it is upon you to learn as much as possible about crypto trading, especially the different tricks you could apply to manage the risk. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Several online reviews and user testimonials allege Bitcoin Power to be a legit trading software.

  2. The Bitcoin Power website asserts that setting up the software demands just one hour of users’ time each day.

  3. Nobody can give a definitive answer to this question because different factors come into the picture, such as conditions in the market, a user’s mastery of the trading robot, the trading capital at stake, and a user’s risk appetite among others.

  4. You should always stay on your toes regarding crypto market news and developments. This way, you will be able to select the right parameters to feed into the software each day. You should also sharpen your auto trading skills by constantly practising using the Bitcoin Power demo account.

  5. Bitcoin Power’s website claims that all of its affiliated brokers enjoy regulation by reputable government agencies. Nonetheless, we feel you are safer by not taking the websites for their words, instead check the regulatory status of the broker to ascertain the safety of your funds.

  6. No. The speculative nature of the cryptocurrency market makes the volatility too high for any trading software to assure you of income, no matter the design.

  7. Yes. Visit our robot hub to view robots we have previously reviewed.

  8. No. There are whispers in that regard but our investigations yielded zero evidence.

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