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Bitcoin Generator Test & Review - Scam or Not?

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There are constantly new cryptocurrency trading robots on the market and it is becoming almost impossible to distinguish a genuine trading robot from a fraud. In this detailed review of Bitcoin Generator, we will go over its various features and understand if it actually delivers the results it promises.

Who is Behind Bitcoin Generator?

In researching Bitcoin Generator we were unable to find any parties who claimed to be the owners or founders. This lack of transparency raises greater questions on the authenticity of the service, and may make some believe that it could be a scam.

Is Bitcoin Generator legit? Or is it just a scam?

The question in mind is whether Bitcoin Generator is a legit software or just another scam. There are lots of bitcoin mining softwares on the internet and the trickiest part is identifying the genuine ones.

At times it is better to do it the hard way and just follow the right steps to mine a cryptocurrency than depending on some of these mining softwares.

When it comes to Bitcoin Generator, it was even hard locating its official website. And with scanty information about it, it is not easy to classify it as a scam or a legit bitcoin mining tool. It would be advisable to try an alternative way of earning bitcoin like trading using Cryptosoft. 

How does the Bitcoin Generator work?

From their website, they claim that the bitcoin generator generates bitcoins for your wallet. Contrary to most mining pool where one has to pay some amount of money, bitcoin generator claims it is free and there is not even a registration requirement. You are supposed to only give the public address to your bitcoin address and then set the number of bitcoins you want and press generate.

The only remark they have is that the more bitcoins that you want to be generated the more time it will take. There is also a time limit for generating the bitcoins.

But the question of legitimacy still lingers. There are no real testimonials nor are there any information on the developers too.

Want a Bitcoin Generator Account? Try an Alternative!

It is very disappointing to place your hopes on something that later turns to be a total fraud and doesn’t even work according to your expectations and especially when that touches your hard earned money. In this regard, since it was difficult to completely tell if the bitcoin generator is a scam or not, we would recommend you try an alternative way of earning bitcoins.

Bitcoin Generator Review: Conclusion

The Bitcoin generator platform does not have enough supporting information about how it operates. We recommend going for a tested trading robot like Cryptosoft instead, this software has been used by traders over a long period of time and proved to be profitable.

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