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Bitcoin Era Test & Review - Scam or Not?

We are aware of numerous websites which use false celebrity endorsements to send customers to unregulated brokers or call centers. Our website will only send customers to partners who have provided us with the required regulatory assurances. This is a marketing offer and our regulated partners will indicate what services they have available upon registration.

Trading softwares such as Bitcoin Era are one of a growing number of so-called bots claiming to help crypto investors speed up their profit-making by reading the price action of the markets. 

Automation of trading activities has been around for a while and plenty of traders spend huge amounts of time, not trading, but looking for that elusive silver-bullet bot that will deliver them face-melting returns and enable them to retire on some faraway island retreat. 

To deliver the dreamboat, however, they need a dream bot. The big question is, does such a bot exist. The jury is still out in an industry awash with elaborate scams. 

Here, in this Bitcoin Era review, we will thoroughly test and evaluate the trading system in a bid to determine its authenticity.

What is Bitcoin Era?

The Bitcoin Era website describes the software as a product of superior technology and advanced programming techniques. Because of this, the website claims the trading software is capable of achieving 99.4% accuracy in its prediction of Bitcoin prices. Although it is optimized to trade a range of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin makes up about 52% of Bitcoin Era’s target crypto markets. The software also has a mobile app to enable cross-platform utilization.

Who’s Behind Bitcoin Era?

Available information is unclear about the people behind Bitcoin Era. However, our research found out that many reputable brokers service the software to bring the user the best cryptocurrency trading experience. A majority of the brokers allow users to access their trading accounts via the Bitcoin Era app, which is one of the things that sets this platform apart. 

Who’s Behind Bitcoin Era?

How to Use Bitcoin Era

1. Getting Started with Bitcoin Era

To register with Bitcoin Era, you first need to supply your full names and a working email address. You will then click the “NEXT” button that leads you to another box to enter an active and verifiable phone number. Again, click on the “NEXT” button to move onto the last step that entails specifying the password that will secure the account. Click “NEXT” for the last time and then wait for a call as well as an email message. During the call, a customer service agent will ask you a few questions including your desire to trade cryptocurrencies, as well as answer any questions you might have. After the details are verified, you will be redirected to the trading platform to complete the registration process. 

2. Demo Account

Because Bitcoin Era is said to be specifically designed as automated trading software, a Bitcoin Era account alone will not suffice if you want to trade. That is why the trading robot works in partnership with various brokers around the globe to facilitate market access. Therefore, the trading platform to which you are redirected should belong to the most appropriate broker based on Bitcoin Era’s criteria. Bitcoin Era and the affiliated broker offer new users a chance to test the trading environment by way of opening a demo account. From this account, you will take positions in the market using dummy funds supplied to you by the trading platform. Besides familiarizing yourself with the software, this account should help you to learn the best techniques for setting risk management levels. This means learning how best you can use stop loss and take profit orders. 

3. Deposit Funds

We advise that you only activate live trading after you familiarize yourself with the trading platform, as well as how you can deploy the trading software to automate the trading software. We learnt that Bitcoin Era accepts $250 as the minimum deposit but users can go up to $30,000 but this depends on the payment options you choose. Direct bank transfers allow deposits only up to $2,000. Also, we learnt that users can deposit funds in their accounts using a variety of channels including PayPal, as well as traditional payment providers.

4. Start Trading

Trading with Bitcoin Era can be automated or manual. For manual trades, ensure the trading robot is off by switching the “ACTIVATE” button to “OFF” mode. Similarly, ensure that the status of the software is “ON” to engage the automation. To trade for the first time, it is advisable to use the least leverage level available, as well as to take smaller positions. This is to avoid cases where you lose everything in the account if the market turns against your position. 

Key Features of Bitcoin Era

Bitcoin Era is reported to stand out in a crop of new cryptocurrency trading robots built on advanced technology. Here, we highlight some of the features we read about online.


For the last 24-hours before this writeup, the lowest earner reported on the Bitcoin Era website got $79 while the highest earned $769. This information, if authentic, would certainly highlight the prowess of the Bitcoin Era algorithm in terms of analysing and interpreting market-data. Several factors might, however, lead to lower performance. Some of these factors include the size of the deposit in your account, the size of the trade, and market gyrations – which are outside of your sphere of control.

Verification System

The moment you click “NEXT” for the last time when registering for a Bitcoin Era account, a call will come in through the phone number you supplied. In the call, a Bitcoin Era customer service agent will ask you some questions relating to the details you provided. The aim is likely to verify the veracity of the details to make sure that you are a real person looking for genuine Bitcoin trading opportunities. Once you are handed over to the affiliated broker, you will provide more details such as banking information to facilitate the transfer of funds between your bank account and your Bitcoin Era account. Here too, the broker will take at least 24-hours to verify the information.

The Withdrawal Process for Bitcoin Era

Withdrawal from Bitcoin Era is reported to be quick and easy. Users can request to withdraw funds any time and however much they like, as long as the account has some funds. Bitcoin Era does not have a limit on the amount of money you can request to withdraw from your account. 

However, you might want to first confirm with the payment provider you are using because some may not move a certain amount of money because of adherence to AML regulations. Once you have withdrawn from the Bitcoin Era account, the funds arrive without delay although some payment providers may need longer to fulfil the transaction. 

Costs and Fees

Registration for a Bitcoin Era account is free. The only time you have to spend money is when you are funding your account. When withdrawing, you do not pay commissions or fees meaning 100% of the funds belong to you. Users of Bitcoin Era report that the software does not have hidden fees and no part of your funds will disappear magically during the withdrawal process. We would, however, always advise that you take time to carefully go through the terms and conditions.  

Customer Service

As noted earlier in this review, a Bitcoin Era customer service agent will likely reach out immediately after you submit registration details. This is the phone number that you can use to communicate with the customer service in case of a problem on your end. In addition, the customer service team has an email address that is active 24/7. From our experience, messages sent to the email are answered in under four hours.

Affiliated Brokers

Various brokers from around the world service the Bitcoin Era software. The brokers are the link between the trader and the cryptocurrency market. Once your account is set up, the page automatically refreshes to a trading platform belonging to the affiliated broker. 

If you are using the trading app, an algorithm will search the market for the most appropriate broker and the trading platform can be viewed from within the app. But for web users, the transfer to the affiliated brokers’ trading platforms is simply a matter of a redirect. The Bitcoin Era software appears as an integral part of the trading platform and can be activated simply by switching to “ON” or “OFF”. 

Is Bitcoin Era a Scam?

A new era in investing is unfolding through Bitcoin trading but cases of swindles have also been rife. For this reason, potential high achievers have grown cold feet when thinking about entering the market and making use of software such as Bitcoin Era. That is why we dedicated long and painstaking hours to determining the legitimacy of the Bitcoin Era software.

We stumbled upon thousands of testimonials and reviews on the internet extolling the trading experience they had when using the trading robot. Also, users were not sparing in narrating the positive experience they had with the affiliated brokers. This background would seem to lend weight to Bitcoin Era being a reliable software that can produce legitimate earnings for its users.

5 Reasons to Use Bitcoin Era for Trading

According to online reports, the robot stands on a number of key issues that define a great trading system. We would like to highlight some of the most recurring features highlighted in numerous testimonials. 

1. Intuitive User Interface

Most trading platforms are blunt with a sharp focus on charts and a few items showing some crucial details. Bitcoin Era has a layout that encourages your attention. You need just a few clicks to navigate the platform and the features are well aligned just for this purpose, and this makes the software very user friendly.

2. Boasts Market-Leading Win Rate

Bitcoin Era claims that the software’s algorithms are a product of advanced programming based on superior technology. This is why the website assures users that they should expect a 99.4% level of accuracy when using the software for live trading. Throughout the crypto-verse, getting a robot with such an incredible win rate is impossibly difficult.

3. Faster than Manual Trading

The essence of any trading robot is to automate certain aspects of crypto trading with the aim of increasing the speed of making trades. Bitcoin Era takes this functionality to the next level as its algorithms collect massive amounts of data that it interprets faster than the best human brain. Algorithms are programmed to cut through tons of data swiftly with the help of a high recalling capacity. The time that you might waste on punching at your keyboard during manual trades is saved by the software’s automatic operations. 

4. Smart Analytics 

Bitcoin Era algorithms are reported as not only fast also smart. Both the website and users claim they arrive at the best available decision based on the insights gleaned from market data. In cryptocurrency trading, the more data interpreted, the better the quality of the decision made. Bitcoin Era aims to best the human brain because of the capacity to gather and interpret gigabytes of data in a very short period of time.

5. Remove Human Error

The biggest downside to manual trading is the susceptibility to human emotions. Human emotions are always heightened especially when the volatility in the market is high. Because of this, you might end up making the wrong decision that will mess up your account. Contrariwise, Bitcoin Era is devoid of human emotions because it does not require any human intervention. The software is always objective and is reported to be led by the data collected.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bitcoin Era


The intuitive user interface is user friendly.
Powerful algorithms are reported to make smart analysis and output useful insights.
Registration process is easy and fast.
Has a demo feature to encourage users to get used to the software before live trading.
Friendly, timely, and ever active customer service.
Bitcoin Era app makes it easy to access the platform remotely.


The software is not sufficiently flexible since it is best utilised for Bitcoin trading.
It does not avoid the risks associated with cryptocurrency trading.

Bitcoin Era: What Sets it Apart from Competitors?

We compared Bitcoin Era to a number of other trading bots, including Bitcoin Code and Bitcoin Prime to name just two. We found that it performed reasonably well and in certain conditions such as when markets were ranging, Bitcoin Era had a 70 percent strike rate. That is to say that 30 percent of the trades the algorithm chose were losers and 70 percent winners with an overall fiscal increase of around 30 percent. So not the best but not too shabby either. When you consider that Hedge Fund managers are more than happy with those sorts of returns over time, it shows that Bitcoin Era is worth the small investment of time and money. 

Capable of making a high number of trades each minute, Bitcoin Era takes the guesswork out of trading. Of course, as the saying goes, bad data in, bad data out so you need to put in the time to set your parameters correctly. Once you’ve done that, you can leave Bitcoin Era to run and make nibble profits from the markets while you work, rest and play. 

The only thing to really be mindful of is that market conditions change. When they do you might need to step in and tweak your bot to optimise its performance. Overall, however, we found Bitcoin Era to be a solid little Bot and well worth a look.

Bitcoin Era: Our Conclusion

Bitcoin Era is a robust contender in the retail algorithmic trading space. Our experience using this bot is that it works well when set up correctly and set to work in ranging markets. Compared to other of other trading bots, it outperformed most but wasn’t quite as good as Bitcoin Code. However, Bitcoin Code was only tested in a bull market and it’s a fact that most bots are more effective when there is a strong trend in play.

Although available information about the team behind Bitcoin Era is sparse, this is quite typical of bot developers who don’t like to have their details made public. The reason for this is that market conditions yield exceedingly high volatility, which happens from time to time, any bot can break that they won’t want to be in the firing line if it does. That said, our research found out that a number of good brokers recommend Bitcoin Era as one of the best cryptocurrency trading algorithms for generating a passive income.

Overall, Bitcoin Era is head and shoulders above many of the other trading bots out there that can reliably be referred to as scams. The user experience when working with Bitcoin Era is solid and the returns are impressive when placed side by side with the returns of similar passive income generators. That said, it's essential to understand the limitations of any bot. 

A bot is simply an algo and will simply react mathematically and with zero emotion when certain conditions are met. If those conditions don’t appear because the nature of the market has changed, it’s possible the bot won’t make you any money and, in some cases, could lose you money. In short, always be mindful of the risks, learn as much as you can about trading yourself and never use more money than you can genuinely afford to lose.

Methodology - How do we Review Autotrading Tools?

We chose a number of trading robots to test against each other and only selected the ones that we thought were the best. Checking each trading bot to ascertain the likelihood that it would stand up to different market conditions was the number one priority. 

When we were satisfied that it would perform well in trending markets we then tested it in sideways (or ‘ranging’) markets. What we discovered through this methodology is that, although Bitcoin Era wasn’t quite as good as other bots in strongly trending markets, it outperformed its competitors in ranging markets.

Point is that in trending markets it’s certainly better to use a different bot, such as Bitcoin Code, mentioned above, but when sentiment isn’t particularly going in either direction—bullish or bearish—you could do a whole lot worse than plugging in Bitcoin Era and seeing what it can do. We also checked Bitcoin Era’s performance against the aggregate performance of all of the bots reviewed here on CoinText, and it came out in the top 30 percent. For further information on our review processe visit our pages on how we test and our editorial policy

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Several reviews and user statements on internet platforms mention Bitcoin Era as a legit piece of software.
  2. Bitcoin Era requires daily programming based on market conditions. The software’s website claims users need one and a half hours to accomplish this task.
  3. The Bitcoin Era website claims the software is capable of earning users not less than $2,000 daily. This amount is incredible but impractical for new users, and those whose trading capital is small.
  4. An auto trading software performs as good as the person setting it up. This is to say you must understand the nuts and bolts of Bitcoin Era if you are to see its full potential. Additionally, you should analyse market conditions on a daily basis to ensure you feed the software the right information.
  5. Bitcoin Era uses affiliated brokers to give you access to the market. The software selects the broker closer to you but without guarantee about the legality of the brokers’ services. It is upon you to find out if the broker is regulated.
  6. No. Cryptocurrency market conditions are too volatile to guarantee even the best auto trading software in the game to earn regular income.
  7. Yes. We have a robot tab on our website that lists some of the products of the same calibre as Bitcoin Era.
  8. No. As far as we can tell, there is no celebrity publicly supporting Bitcoin Era despite claims to that effect.
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