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Bitcoin Champion Test & Review - Scam or Not?

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Cryptocurrency trading is growing rapidly and there has been an influx of software providers that claim to offer access to unrivalled auto trading technology. Bitcoin Champion claims to be one such proprietary auto trading software that alleges its product uses the most advanced programming technology to ensure the highest accuracy.

But crypto trading is a nascent field and has numerous examples of nefarious actors out to dupe unsuspecting investors. That's why in this comprehensive Bitcoin Champion review, we look at its features and if it does what it claims to do.

What is Bitcoin Champion

Bitcoin Champion describes itself as an automated crypto trading bot powered by artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. According to its website, this is the first-ever auto trading robot to apply the use of AI in its system. In terms of how it works, the robot automatically and seamlessly executes trading deals for its users, reportedly at accuracy levels of up to 99.4%.

Who's Behind Bitcoin Champion?

Bitcoin Champion was reportedly created in 2017 by Steve Higgins, an alleged trading expert and crypto millionaire. It is also reported that Higgins' motivation towards creating this robot was to offer ordinary traders a chance to benefit from the massive opportunities available through Bitcoin trading. It is also claimed that apart from Steve Higgins, Bitcoin Champion benefits from a team of renowned computer scientists.

How to Use Bitcoin Champion

Getting started on Bitcoin Champion requires that you follow a few steps that begin with registering for an account.

Step 1: Register

You will need to create an account before proceeding to use the bot. To register for a free account, visit the Bitcoin Champion homepage. There is a registration form that you fill by providing details such as your name and email. Once you are done, submit by clicking on "Register Now" and then proceed to verify your account.

Step 2: Deposit funds

Once verification is done, the next step is to deposit funds into your account. Bitcoin Champion reportedly has a minimum deposit limit of $100 and claims that user funds are safe as it uses regulated partner brokers. Deposit methods include wire transfer and credit card.

Step 3: Demo test

Bitcoin Champion provides a demo account that customers can use to practise and familiarise themselves with the robot before going live. It is advisable that new users first go to the demo account before they commit to trading with real money as mistakes made at this stage won't be as costly as when trading with a live account.

Step 4: Start trading

Once you are ready to trade, switch from the demo to live trading. Bitcoin Champion recommends that users spare at least 20 minutes every day setting up and monitoring their accounts. It is easy to adjust your trading settings, including risk management settings such as stop-loss or take-profit. You can then allow the robot to identify trading opportunities for you. While you might not need to do anything else, it's important to remember that you are using the robot to complement your other trading strategies.

Key Features of Bitcoin Champion

Here is a breakdown of the key features of Bitcoin Champion:


Payouts are automated and calculated daily after a user ends a live trading session. Bitcoin Champion allegedly helps its users to make up to 60% profit, or about $600 daily from an initial deposit of $100, however, we find that this is highly unrealistic and would require a great deal of luck and incredible market movements. User testimonials on the website and on external online platforms have also claimed to have received higher payouts by using this robot. However, new users must remember that cryptocurrency trading is a risky activity and requires expertise and knowledge of various factors that influence the markets.

Verification System

The verification process is fast, easy and takes less than five minutes, according to Bitcoin Champion. However, all users have to go through a verification process. This ostensibly allows the platform to authenticate a customer's account and contact details. The verification process is reportedly done by affiliate brokers located in various regions and jurisdictions across the globe. All you need to do to verify your account is provide an ID and then verify your home address by providing proof of that. The partner broker will also connect your robot account to your local bank account. 

The Withdrawal Process for Bitcoin Champion

Withdrawals are free with Bitcoin Champion and support major payment methods such as wire transfer, Visa, MasterCard and several e-wallets. You can withdraw funds after payouts, with money reportedly available in user accounts within an hour.

Costs and Fees

Trading with Bitcoin Champion is free, but the platform charges a 2% fee on all profits. That means you are not going to be charged if a trade is lost.

Customer Service

There is a robust customer service program available to registered users, with the primary contact methods being email and phone. Other than this, customers can reach agents via social media on Facebook and Twitter.

The platform also boasts of having a friendly customer team that their customers can reach 24/7, Monday-Friday. The platform also has dedicated account managers, whose main task is to help new customers quickly understand how to set up their account for trading.

Affiliated Brokers

Bitcoin Champion claims to have partnered with several regulated brokers, with users automatically connected to one when they sign up for an account. Bitcoin Champion also reportedly taps into the ECN pool of brokers to ensure users are exposed to the lowest possible trading costs.

Is Bitcoin Champion a Scam?

The crypto market has had a fair share of scams, and our analysis focused on customer reviews, online publications, and user testimonials trying to establish this fact. Based on online reviews and user testimonials, we deduce that Bitcoin Champion has a largely positive footprint online.

5 Reasons to Use Bitcoin Champion for Trading

Here are the reasons why many people are looking for auto trading software or trading robots. 

1. Intuitive User Interface

Bitcoin Champion has a fully automated and intuitive user interface. It is easy to navigate and use, even for new traders. Apart from that, the whole site is clean and nice, with each of the features of the user interface being easy to access, including the withdrawal page. We found navigating the demo account page so easy, which points to how user-friendly the overall site is.

Bitcoin Champion also says on its website that users can now access the robot's features and functionalities via a highly intuitive mobile app. However, according to the platform, only registered users can access and download the free app.

2. Boasts Market-Leading Win Rate

Bitcoin Champion is said to incorporate AI algorithms, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to give it an edge over competitors. All this power is reportedly the reason Bitcoin Champion boasts a market-leading win rate of 99.4%. This is reportedly possible because the use of AI algorithms enables it to apply trading techniques that result in high returns. One of these techniques is scalping, which takes advantage of small price movements and gaps in the trading process by executing large volumes of trades.

3. Faster than Manual Trading

Automated trading robots handle huge volumes of data, combining speed, accuracy and smart analytics to quickly process various scenarios of a trade situation.

In crypto trading, as with any other financial trading, AI has made it possible for bots to return profitable trading strategies faster than a human mind can. This means robots are faster than manual trading in every aspect, especially if it involves not only technical but fundamental as well as sentiment analysis. For a strategy like scalping, a robot such as Bitcoin Champion will always be much faster.

4. Smart Analytics

As mentioned above, Bitcoin Champion is powered behind the scenes by the most advanced technology. What this adds up to is an enormously superior trading software that can gather and analyse troves of market-data within seconds. Such capabilities mean that the robot can quickly pick and execute trades based on split-second decisions that might not be possible with a manual trading strategy. All this can happen without much input from the user.

5. Remove Human Error

Whether you are a newbie or experienced, skilful or less tech-savvy, or other such qualifying adjectives, there is one thing that can make you fail as a trader. It is part of human life, and it's called emotion. In trading, it falls under an aspect called emotional discipline. Unfortunately, human beings are prone to error and allowing emotions to dictate trading decisions can be one of those mistakes. Emotions can severely affect a trader's chances of success. But robots, being automated, are not hindered by these types of human weaknesses. As such, the use of trading bots helps remove that potential for human error in trading.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bitcoin Champion


Free account registration
Supports several payment methods
Payouts and withdrawals
Demo account for test trading
User-friendly and intuitive interface
Regulated affiliate brokers
Secure trading


2% fee on profits
Withdrawals take 1 hour

Bitcoin Champion: Our Conclusion

Bitcoin Champion is an automated trading robot whose features set it above many of its rivals in the market, including its reported use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to increase its performance. It also appears to have a great reputation among users given the many positive reviews we came across. Auto-trading crypto is catching on very fast, making use of robots like Bitcoin Champion grow. This is why robots like Bitcoin Trader, Bitcoin Bank and Bitcoin Code have also attracted a lot of attention from the trading community.

However, remember that trading in CFDs is inherently risky. As such, it is always advisable to research, learn and understand as much as you can about a given product before you invest in it. The same applies to the marketplace–you should always endeavour to do your due diligence.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Our research established that Bitcoin Champion has a substantial userbase that post reviews and testimonials on online platforms. Most of the posts claimed Bitcoin Champion to be an authentic trading robot.

  2. The official Bitcoin Champion website claims the software requires just an hour to prepare it for trading each day.

  3. It is impossible to specify a figure for this question since you have to consider a number of factors. They include your knowledge of the cryptocurrency market, your ability to utilise the full potential of the trading robot, and the nature of volatility in the market.

  4. You have to start from a position of strength, which entails gathering as much knowledge as possible concerning cryptoassets, crypto markets, and trading robots.

  5. These products usually redirect users to affiliated brokers that facilitate market access. Sadly, there are no guarantees that the broker you are directed to has relevant licenses. Therefore, always ensure that you check the regulatory status of the broker to avoid unnecessary heartbreaks.

  6. No. There is too much volatility in the cryptocurrency market that erodes the ability to trading robots to assure users of earnings.

  7. Yes. Visit our robot hub to view robots we have previously reviewed.

  8. No. There were assertions on online platforms to this effect, but our research team dispelled them after failing to obtain any evidence.

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