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We are aware of numerous websites which use false celebrity endorsements to send customers to unregulated brokers or call centers. Our website will only send customers to partners who have provided us with the required regulatory assurances. This is a marketing offer and our regulated partners will indicate what services they have available upon registration.

Gone are the days when only expert traders could make money off the cryptocurrency market. One had to spend a vast amount of time educating themselves on using Trading View charts to try and guess the direction the market was likely to move in. Often they paid a high price for the best crypto signals. 

Today, however, there are free automated trading bots like Bitcoin Billionaire, which use robust algorithms, AI, and ML to read, collect, and analyse market data. Then, they can make predictions and perform trades for a user.

Below, we will look at various perks offered by this trading software to determine if it's worth investing your hard-earned cash to get access to this trading bot.

What Is Bitcoin Billionaire?

According to its website Bitcoin Billionaire is an award-winning trading bot apparently recognised by the US trading association for its accurate algorithms and high success rate when it comes to crypto trading. The bot requires a user to set a few parameters, and it takes care of the rest by executing trades for the user. Behind its claimed excellent track record is a 0.01 second time leap that helps it anticipate market shifts and execute decisions faster than its competitors.

Who’s Behind Bitcoin Billionaire?

Finding the exact names of the people behind this platform was hard work. We assume that the team would prefer to let their product do the talking. Based on the various conversations of people who claim to have been in touch with the real founders on forums like BitcoinTalk, the team is made up of five brilliant minds. Two of them are expert traders who have made a fortune on the crypto market, and the other three are programming experts who have been involved with Bitcoin since its early days.

One reputable BitcoinTalk forum user with many upvotes and who also seems entirely respected within the community claims that the five met at an early Bitcoin meetup when the buzz was starting to build around the cryptocurrency market in 2013. They discussed the topic and a few months later joined hands to develop what at the time would be one of the first automated trading systems which would help cryptocurrency traders make money from the market with ease. As they say, the rest is history. Years later, Bitcoin Billionaire still stands head and shoulders above other auto traders, at least in terms of claimed success rate. 


Who’s Behind Bitcoin Billionaire?

How to Use Bitcoin Billionaire

1. Getting Started

To get started on Bitcoin Billionaire, visit the official page of the platform and register your account. You will see a form that you should fill by entering your full name, email address, phone number. Then, click on "Register." Once signed in, you will be linked to a reputable broker who operates within your location, and they will help you access different trading markets. It's essential to ensure that you use your official name while signing up to avoid complications later when verifying the account. 

2. Make a Deposit

Once signed in, you will be taken to a page where you will have to make the initial minimum deposit of $250. Enter the details of your card and then click on "Deposit now." Remember, you can deposit as much as $10,000, but it's best to start with the minimum amount and work your way up as a beginner.

3. Start Trading

Trading with Bitcoin Billionaire requires one to verify their account by uploading a picture of their government-issued ID or passport. The names you used when registering have to match those on the ID. Once everything checks out, you will be taken to the trading dashboard. But, if you have no prior knowledge of how to trade, use the demo account first to learn how to place trades and set parameters for your auto trader. After enough practice, you can set your strategy and allow the auto trader to do the rest of the work for you.

Key Features of Bitcoin Billionaire

As one of the leading trading robots available today, Bitcoin Billionaire offers many perks to its users. Below, we will go over some of its features that stand out. 


Bitcoin Billionaire claims that users can make as much as a few thousand dollars a day. We believe that this is only achievable if sufficient trading capital and superior trading knowledge are applied. That said, our own experience while using the bot was overall positive. We made a few hundred dollars after live trading for just a few hours. We won seven of the ten trades that we placed using the bot, and maybe we could have won more had we continued for much longer and also added on our initial capital of $250.

Verification System

The verification process on Bitcoin Billionaire is relatively easy and fast. Once you fill in your personal information on the signup page, you will be linked to a broker where you will get access to different trading markets. Then, you will be required to verify your account by uploading a picture of an official document like an ID or passport. You will also need to upload a document that shows your place of residence, for example, a bank statement. The documents will be reviewed, and if everything checks out, your account will be approved within an hour or so. Afterwards, you are free to trade.

The Withdrawal Process for Bitcoin Billionaire

Withdrawal on this trading software is relatively easy and can be done whenever you feel like as long as there are sufficient funds in your account. When signing up, you will have to link the bot to your bank account, and once the account is linked, any withdrawal requests will be processed within 24 hours. Also, given that there are many other payment modes, you can opt to withdraw using the methods that suit you best. 

Costs and Fees

Bitcoin Billionaire is 100% a free trading bot that charges no deposit or withdrawal fees. Also, it doesn't take a cut of your profits. The creators' goal was to give back to the people and help them out. The platform makes its money by taking a commission on spreads. So, the wider the spread between the bid and ask, the more money it makes.

Customer Service

The customer support for Bitcoin Billionaire is excellent and quite responsive. Once signed in, you will receive a call from one of the team members who will welcome you and guide you on how to go about approving your account, making deposits, trading, and other aspects of the platform. There is also a chatbox from your dashboard where you can fire up any questions and receive help. Additionally, you can also reach customer support by writing to them via email.

Affiliated Brokers

Bitcoin Billionaire is a global platform that caters to all traders around the world. To help users access various trading markets, it partners with multiple brokers. Different authorities regulate the brokers within the areas they operate. We found this information was accurate based on our research after checking out the various brokers that we were assigned to.

Is Bitcoin Billionaire a Scam?

Staying true to our nature of discovering new cool platforms and recommending them to our audience, we signed up on Bitcoin Billionaire to learn first hand what all the buzz about this platform was about. Our experience from the signup process to linking with the broker and conducting trades in real-time was nothing but spectacular. We found a very responsive customer service team that was eager to guide us on various aspects of the platform or whenever we felt stuck. The payouts were consistent and fast. Also, the withdrawals were simple and could be done at any time.

Then we checked what other users of the trading software had to say and found mostly positive reviews, even though we have also found some disappointed users. Most of the users were grateful the platform gave them a chance to make passive income reliably. The only complaints we saw were those of users asking for more supported currencies. We also discovered that the platform associates with regulated brokers in different jurisdictions, which further increased our confidence.

5 Reasons to Use Bitcoin Billionaire for Trading

Since there are so many trading bots available today, you may be wondering why choose Bitcoin Billionaire over the rest? Below, we will go over five reasons:

1. Intuitive User Interface

This bot is designed to be easy to use and effective at what it does. Thus, after signup, you will find a simple GUI that is easy to use for traders of all skill levels. The charts, trading markets, and other relevant information are displayed in a pleasant orderly manner that is easy to understand and follow. Also, there are labels for various functions, and if you feel stuck, there is a customer support chatbox on the bottom right side of your dashboard where you can seek help with an immediate response. 

2. Boasts Market-Leading Win Rate

Bitcoin Billionaire claims to rank high on the list of trading platforms for cryptocurrency with the highest success rate. On their website we read "thanks to automated processes for data gathering and processing, trading decisions are made within a fraction of the second, which offers one an edge within the volatile cryptocurrency market"

3. Faster Than Manual Trading

This trading bot was designed to save users from spending many exhausting hours through manual trading. Thanks to an automated process that employs robust algorithms, AI, and machine learning, this robot appears to analyse massive market data and also perform tremendous amounts of calculations within seconds in a manner a human trader can't, thus offering one an edge while trading crypto markets. 

4. Smart Analytics

Bitcoin Billionaire is designed to collect vast market data relative to the cryptocurrency markets in real-time. This should help the robot make more informed decisions by the minute by analysing the data and executing trades based on its findings. 

5. Remove Human Error

An old phrase goes, “to err is human,” which is true, especially when we have to make fast logical decisions based on vast amounts of data. What dilutes our decision-making abilities is our emotions since we tend to base them on gut feelings rather than facts. As a trading robot, Bitcoin Billionaire takes away the emotions from trading and makes predictions based on the available market data.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bitcoin Billionaire


Fast payouts and withdrawals
Earn comfortably through passive income
Online security of user funds and data
Responsive customer support available 24/7


The initial capital may be too much for some
A limited number of payment methods are supported

Our Conclusion

When reviewing trading robots, we carry out extensive research to ensure that we can offer an honest assessment of the platform. We seek to determine if the platform is legit or a scam by assessing various aspects. This is what we sought to achieve with Bitcoin Billionaire by signing up, depositing, and trading. 

We found that the signup process was relatively easy, and it took us just a few minutes. Depositing and verifying the account also did not take very long. The demo account proved helpful for us to practice setting parameters before we began trading live. The customer service support was also excellent, guiding us on how to use the trading dashboard and even place orders. 

We made a few hundred dollars and withdrew to our account without a hitch in a short period. Then we searched online and found mostly positive reviews from other users. We don't know for sure if this platform is legit or not, but our experience with it has been bositive.

If you want to try other top-class bots like Bitcoin Billionaire, you can also try Bitcoin Evolution, Crypto Revolt, and Bitcoin Millionaire.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Our team uncovered user testimonials asserting Bitcoin Billionaire as authentic.
  2. The official Bitcoin Billionaire website claims users need to spend only one and a half hours each day on Bitcoin Billionaire.
  3. The answer to this question depends on whether you have requisite experience using Bitcoin Billionaire, the amount of funds you are willing to stake, and the prevailing market conditions. In other words, Bitcoin Billionaire does not guarantee that you will generate income.
  4. Practice crypto-trading using Bitcoin Billionaire’s dummy account until you have the right amount of confidence then start live trading with a capital amount that you can afford to lose.
  5. Usually, trading robots take you to affiliated brokers’ trading platforms from where you will carry out crypto-trading activities. However, Bitcoin Billionaire does not offer any promises regarding the legal status of the affiliated brokers. Cautious users should seek to unravel the details associated with the affiliated broker’s regulatory status.
  6. No. The risk level associated with crypto-investing is too high for any trading robot to offer assurances of income.
  7. Yes. Various online platforms maintain a catalogue of trading robots for your perusal.
  8. No. Our team encountered these claims but no credible information could be found to affirm the claims.
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