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Vibraniums: Community led NFT platform – Where to Buy

Jack Pearson

Vibraniums has seen an explosive rise, with a massive increase of over 500% in the last 24 hours.

Named after the super strong metal in Marvel comics that Captain America’s shield is made from, Vibraniums has now emerged as a Binance Smart Chain based NFT platform.

NFTs have seen an increase in popularity over the past few months, with artists using the medium as a new way to bolster digital media sales. Such as Kings of Leon, who have announced their next album will be released as an NFT.

This increase in popularity has led to the massive surge in Vibraniums’ price. To put the price action of the last 24 hours into perspective, an investment of $100 yesterday would now be worth over $500.

Where to buy Vibraniums and take advantage of price changes


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Why is Vibraniums a good buy?

With the recent explosion of NFTs hosted on the Ethereum blockchain, there has been a subsequent increase in gas prices on the Ethereum network.

This has led some to seek alternatives to avoid the high fees. The Binance Smart Chain is one way to try and reduce fee costs as the network is much less congested.

Vibraniums’ listings for NFT collectibles are all bought and sold using Binance Coin (BNB), the native currency for the Binance Smart Chain.

This may mean that as the popularity of NFTs increases, there could be more reasons to invest in projects like Vibraniums.

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