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Auctus turns knowledge into power with new retirement plan platform


A new decentralized system that puts investors in the driving seat of their own long-term retirement plans places information and transparency driven by blockchain at the heart of its predicted success.

The team at Auctus says the conundrum of today’s retirement investor is multi-faceted.

It says in an era where there is longer life-expectancy, persistently low interest rates and political uncertainty, there has been no greater time for high quality financial advice.

Auctus underlines the fact that savers are often not part of the decision-making process and are not given relevant information when it comes to retirement funds. Furthermore, clients’ preferences have changed and the desire for a combination of human and robo-advice is growing. But until now, there has always been an intermediary.

Auctus Robo

The Auctus’ platform removes the middleman and marries blockchain technology and smart contracts to create its unique offering, allowing investors to bring all their savings, including traditional and crypto investments under one roof.

Raphael Vantroost​, Auctus CEO says: “Our holistic approach allows running analytics and robo-advisory on the entirety of savings, enabling the retirement saver to make better decisions and ultimately reach their saving targets faster.”

From the community, for the community

The essence of the platform is based on the ‘community’. Users can make their own portfolios containing bonds, stocks and cryptocurrencies, all controlled as much as possible, by the community, with no go-betweens. Built-in goal orientated tools, robo and human advisors provide recommendations on how much to invest and asset allocation.

All the tools on the platform are designed for long-term savings and other criteria, such as contribution amount, time period and payout amount are also brought into the equation, providing more meaningful and comprehensive investment guidance.

Operational transparency through AUC tokens

The unit of currency on the platform is the AUC token, a multi-purpose utility token aimed at maintaining an equilibrium within the Auctus ecosystem. All users need to have a certain amount of AUC tokens in their escrow account to access the platform.

Token Model

They use the AUC to pay for services and apps, and receive incentives. Payments are linked to results to ensure quality of service and all transactions are automated through smart contracts.

Token holders can grade the level of service and products they receive through the marketplace as well as being able to post and comment and raise new ideas on how features or developments can improve. The aim is that all the operations will be completely transparent.  Auctus advocates the tokenization of traditional assets, viewing it as more efficient way forward using blockchain technology and smart contracts.

Auctus Image

Ahead of its ICO beginning on March 27th Auctus has already launched its demo in November 2017 and last month entered its Alpha testing stage. It also recently announced joining the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance a blockchain initiative to widen its network to promote its services and products and token offerings.

The Auctus token sale has a hard cap of $20 million USD with 1 ether equal to 2000 AUC tokens and no minimum contribution. Participants will have unlocked tokens and will be able to transfer them immediately after the contribution period ends.

For more information they have plenty of ways to contact them:

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