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Abyss: The First DAICO Platform

Abyss is a blockchain based distribution platform, a digital gaming platform that unlike other gaming platform uses DAICO technology. DAICO technology is Decentralized Autonomous Initial Coin Offering which is Decentralized Autonomous Organizations combined with Initial Coin Offerings which aims to make the ICO model more secure for investment fundraising for projects.

The gaming industry has literally been exploding. In fact it generated a revenue of $100 billion in 2017 alone. Much of this growth has obviously been fuelled by the rise of digital distribution.

Legacy distribution companies specializing in CDs and other physical media have all but disappeared. Purely online distribution platforms like Playstation and Amazon are taking over.

Of late, companies have been making a beeline to float ICO’s to support their blockchain projects. One such project is Abyss.

What is Abyss

Like a few others before it, Abyss is a blockchain based distribution platform.

One big challenge facing

developers is being able to attract players to play their games on different platforms. Equally, difficult is the question of how to monetize and get paid from the games.

Abyss’ solution is to provide one unified platform which can be used to distribute all kinds of games without the associated marketing expenses. All the while, the developers can make some money. But one of the most outstanding feature is the handsome referral program.

Generous Referral Programme

With a five-level reward system and up to 40% of referral earnings, it is easily one of the most attractive.

If you are not a player or a developer, this is probably one of the ways you can make some money from the platform. Abyss will be available on a wide variety of operating systems including Windows, MacOS, Linux iOS, Android and on the internet. Few blockchain projects have this reach.

Gamers can earn from a variety of activities on the platform. These include game achievementsor  CPA network. Cost per Action is CPA is a way for developers to engage traffic. They can for example expose other games to their own traffic and earn rewards, get traffic from external games, do link referrals etc.

Users can even earn tokens from generating content such as reviews, guides, fan charts and streams.

ABYSS is the ERC 20 standard token for transactions on the platform. You can still use fiat currency to buy services but Abyss token users get discounts.

First DAICO Platform

So how does Abyss stand out from other digital gaming platforms?

One feature that distinguishes Abyss from other competitors like Steam is the implementation of DAICO. This concept introduced by Vitalik Buterin in early 2018 allows users to vote for a refund if they are not happy with the development process. With so many fishy ICOs, this is certainly a bold move by the Abyss team to ensure accountability. Under this model, investors can expect a working product or they get refunded.

The model incorporates aspect of DAO. These include the “wisdom of the crowd” where users can vote for refunds is the development is not satisfactory or authorize developers to withdraw funds in predetermined periods.

Abyss tokens

The Abyss token is the local currency of the platform. Earning are paid using the tokens..

Some of the advantages of using the tokens include:

  • Discounts on purchases
  • The sole currency for the CPA Network
  • Easy and fast transactions
  • Constitutes the primary way of calculating rewards


70% of revenue from games goes to the developers. The rest goes partly to fund the referral program. Referrers get 4% of payments from first levels referrals. Developers enjoy a unified billing system, authentication and transparent statistics. Here are other ways developers benefit from using the platform:

  • Payments in fiat and cryptocurrency
  • Instant payments
  • 70% share of game earnings
  • Handsome multilevel referral program
  • Low marketing costs
  • Access to targeted audiences


Players too are not left out. They can make profit from the generous referral programme or from game achievements.

  • Wide selection of games
  • Multilevel referral programme
  • Create and monetize content
  • Participate in developer activities like testing for bugs and earn rewards.



Abyss is run by a team of experienced Russian video gaming developers. Boyko-Romanosvky is the CEO and founder with over 17 years under his belt in the gaming industry.

One of the most unique features of this platform is the DAICO functionality, a good referral program and easy monetization of gaming experiences. The multilevel referral program is a good incentive to market the platform.

ICO Dates

Abyss tokens are denominated based on Ethereum. 1 Ethereum is equivalent to 5000 ABYSS tokens. The hard cap is set at 100,000 ethereum. The KYC process is ongoing.

Token metrics

Ticker: ABYSS
Technology: ERC 20 standard
Softcap: $ 6 million
Funds will be refunded if goal is not met.
Hard cap: $60 million + 300,000 BNB
Minimum contribution: 0.1 ETH
Total Supply: 603.75 million tokens
Unsold tokens will be burnt
Accepted Payments: ETH, BNB


First 48 HRS: 25%
Days 3-7: 15%
Days 8-14: 10%
Days 15-21: 5%


Infrastructure & Software: 20%
Video games development and distribution: 15%
Development: 15%
Reserve: 5%
Marketing: 40%
Legal: 5%

Abyss tokens assigned to the company will remain frozen for a year. Reserve tokens will be frozen for 6 months and used for motivational rewards to accelerate the adoption of the platform.`

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