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How to Buy The Sandbox - a Beginner’s Guide

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SAND is a metaverse coin that powers The Sandbox, a blockchain-based video game. The game has drawn comparisons to Minecraft for allowing players to create worlds, objects, and collaborate with other users. The Sandbox sets itself apart from titles by using NFTs for in-game assets like items, buildings, and wearables for avatars. 

We’ve put together this comprehensive guide for purchasing SAND which also contains further context and information about the project and how it works. Ready to get started? Let’s enter the metaverse and pick up a bag of SAND.

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Payment methods you can use to buy The Sandbox

  • PayPal: Not every exchange or broker will accept PayPal, but it can be a super convenient way to make cryptocurrency payments when possible. PayPal is excellent for fast and secure transactions.

  • Bank transfer: Most exchanges will allow you to purchase cryptocurrency like SAND directly using your bank details. This method is highly popular as it doesn’t require linking a credit or debit card, costs almost nothing, and has a high upper limit.

  • Debit card/credit card: These transactions are typically instantaneous and are extremely secure. Make sure to check the associated fees before making a purchase.

  • Crypto: If you already own cryptocurrency, some platforms will allow you to swap it outright for SAND. This can be an efficient way to convert your existing cryptos into SAND. 

Buying vs. Trading The Sandbox

Buying and trading SAND are considerably different processes, as buying and holding relates to holding onto a cryptocurrency for the long run while trading is associated with short-term trading. Buying and holding cryptocurrency for the long term seems simple, but takes a lot of patience and endurance to hold through volatile market conditions. 

Trading involves closer attention to the daily fluctuations of the market. Timing the market takes a bit of courage and foresight but can result in major short-term rewards if done properly.

How to Trade The Sandbox

The most common and fundamental trading strategy for cryptocurrency like SAND is to “buy low, sell high”. But knowing when an asset is peaking or bottoming in price is extremely difficult to predict, even for veteran traders. While it’s challenging to determine whether the price trends on charts will continue or change, studying their long and short term progression will help you gain an eye for market fluctuations.

The overall popularity and adoption of metaverse projects will heavily influence the price of SAND. Facebook’s metaverse announcement in November 2021 helped spike the price of several projects, including SAND. Another factor pivotal to price growth is how many users actually populate the metaverse. If the game appears to be thriving with an active user base, the price will likely grow as well. 

Advanced traders will want to consider the fundamentals of Technical Analysis, which is a process for studying charts closely and predicting price movements. Those who practice TA employ several means to make predictions like moving averages, relative strength index (RSI) indicators, and Fibonacci ratios. It’s not necessary to understand all these techniques, but they may be worth researching further if you’re interested. 

What to Consider Before Buying The Sandbox

When market sentiment is high, people generally assume it will continue going up and that enthusiasm is notoriously contagious. This is typically when people ‘buy high’ as opposed to ‘buying low’ and it can result in a severe pullback on your initial investment. Metaverse projects earned a lot of praise and attention from late 2021, but it’s unclear whether this will be sustained or forgotten as a passing fad.

That said, Metaverses are increasingly popular ways of visualizing interactions over the internet. Rather than having users connect via a Zoom or Skype call, a metaverse offers a graphically rich environment that’s more creative and engaging. The Sandbox is one of several cryptocurrency-based metaverses currently favoured by the market.

Despite the excitement surrounding SAND and other metaverse projects, we recommend against investing more than you can afford to lose.

What Features Does The Sandbox Have?

The Sandbox has a youth-friendly visual appeal reminiscent of Lego that incorporates gaming, building, and metaverse exploration. We’ve detailed a number of additional features and qualities of The Sandbox below.

Decentralised worldbuilding: Users own everything in The Sandbox, from virtual property rights to items and clothing, as NFTs. This means that instead of these in-game assets existing on the developer's servers, they are attached to the unique wallet address of the owner. 

Major partners: The Sandbox is partnered with top-level brands, influencers and franchises including Snoop Dogg, Adidas, The Walking Dead, and Atari. That means in-game content can feature licensed material from outside the metaverse with additional partners likely to be announced in the future.

Youth appeal: The Sandbox has a similar visual style to games like Minecraft or Roblox, arguably making it more appealing to younger audiences. This is key because younger audiences are known to be a driving force behind successful game launches. 

Will Buying Sandbox Make Me Money?

Nobody can predict exactly how SAND will perform in the future, but it’s gaining popularity among blockchain metaverse projects. This could mean it’s poised for further success in the future.

Several projects compete with The Sandbox, including Facebook’s metaverse project, Decentraland, Star Atlas, and more. While each will serve a specific niche, it’s difficult to say which will ultimately be the most lucrative or successful, and this could impact the trajectory of SAND in the long run. 

The combination of gaming mechanics, world-building, and visual appeal sets The Sandbox apart from its many competitors, and give it mass-market appeal. It’s also encouraging to see they’ve partnered with several major brands, which could also help drive up its price. 

Should I Buy The Sandbox?

Below we’ve outlined a few pros and cons to consider before making a decision about whether to purchase SAND and get involved in the metaverse:


  • The Sandbox appeals to gamers of all ages, with comparisons to Minecraft leading the way for its block-based art style. 

  • NFTs allow users to take full ownership of in-game assets

  • Metaverses are becoming one of the hottest topics in cryptocurrency


  • The Sandbox faces stiff competition from other metaverses from Facebook, Decentraland, Star Atlas, and others.

  • Difficult to predict whether metaverse hype and popularity will persist 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Land plots in The Sandbox are currently available for purchase on popular NFT platform OpenSea. All that’s necessary is to purchase the land using Ethereum with the same wallet address you’ve connected to the game. Afterwards, the land can be developed however you wish.
  2. The Sandbox has launched a free tool called Game Maker that makes it simple for entry-level users to design a custom game to exist within their metaverse. Though the tools are intuitive and user-friendly, gameplay footage has shown some developers create sophisticated games and that trend promises to continue.
  3. Though The Sandbox is an open-world, there are specific kinds of games in development including driving simulators, fantasy-combat RPGs, treasure hunts, and much more. The possibilities are literally endless as users can control how their land is developed to suit whatever gaming purpose they’d like to implement.
  4. Absolutely. With the advent and growing popularity of Metaverses, individuals are increasingly opening up virtual businesses and storefronts selling NFTs, services, and other digital goods to consumers. The Sandbox allows users to build games and monetise them in addition to earning crypto by creating in-game assets and selling them to others.
  5. The Sandbox can be played on both mobile and desktop platforms, with more likely to be announced. While these versions might be considerably different, they will all connect to the same metaverse and allow different kinds of users to interact.

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