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How to Buy Ethereum in Switzerland in 5 Simple Steps

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Author: Ali Raza

Cryptocurrency has been a major opportunity for millions of people around the world who have joined the industry over the last 12 years of its existence. Not only did it offer a way to make instant payments at a low cost, but also brought about networks that enabled dApps. Ethereum network is one such blockchain that has shifted the attention towards blockchain technology as a development platform. The network is powered by a native currency called Ether (ETH).

If you want to learn how to buy Ethereum in Switzerland, this guide will help you in your investment journey.

Quick Guide to Buy Ethereum in Switzerland Today


Register and account

Ethereum can be bought on almost every platform out there, but in order to make the most out of your purchase, you should compare different sites. Each platform has its own different features, different fee structures, coin and token pairs, and supports different payment methods. So, find the one that suits you the most and register an account by providing your username, email and phone number.


Fund your account

In order to get started, you will need an initial investment, which means that you have to fund some money to your platform of choice. It doesn’t have to be a large amount, and you should certainly not risk the money you can’t afford to lose, but a bit will do for starting out. Most platforms support bank transfers and credit/debit cards.


Start trading/buying

The last step is to actually start trading or buying ETH. If you wish to invest in Ethereum for a longer period—months, or even years—then you should buy ETH coins, and store them somewhere safe. If you want to turn profits quicker, in a matter of days, or weeks, then you can engage in trading.

What is the Best Payment Method for Buying Ethereum in Switzerland?

Not all platforms support all payment methods. Your choice of a platform may very well depend on what payment method it offers. With that said, here are some of the most common methods to buy Etheruem.

  • Buy Ethereum with Cash — Switzerland is one of the crypto-friendliest countries out there, so it has a lot of crypto ATMs, which are used to buy Ethereum with cash. A lot of its cities have it, such as Basel, Bern, Biel/Bienne, Chur, Geneve, Lausanne, Lugano, Luzern, Mustair, Nauchatel, Saint Margrethen, Zug, Zurich, and many others.

  • Buy Ethereum with Credit Card — Credit card purchases are a popular way to buy crypto, but keep in mind that they are also among the most expensive methods.

  • Buy Ethereum with bank transfers — Bank transfers are just as popular because they are cheap, but the downside here is that they can take up to several days to deliver the money.

  • Buy Ethereum with PayPal — PayPal has still not enabled buying Ethereum on its platform outside of the US, but it can be used on P2P exchanges, where you can find ETH sellers, send them money from your PayPal to theirs, and receive crypto via the platform from them

  • Buy Ethereum with Bitcoin — Lastly, you can buy Ethereum with Bitcoin on almost any exchange, as the two are almost always paired.

Why Buy Ethereum?

Ethereum is probably one of the most important crypto projects ever to be developed. While Bitcoin started the crypto industry, Ethereum was the one that expanded the use of blockchain technology. Furthermore, the project is about to make a massive shift by switching to a different consensus algorithm. This will make it more scalable and with cheaper transactions, it will also bring staking. Some analysts have even suggested that it might overtake Bitcoin and become the new largest cryptocurrency.

Whether or not this can happen remains to be seen, but there is no denying that Ethereum is one of the most important coins in the history of cryptocurrencies.

Is it Legal to Buy Ethereum in Switzerland?

Yes, Switzerland is very crypto-friendly, and it is even a country where the ‘Crypto Valley’ is located. The country has experimented with cryptocurrencies in the past, such as allowing the possibility of paying taxes with cryptocurrencies in the Swiss canton of Zug. With that said, buying Ethereum in Switzerland is not an issue.

Buy Ethereum in Switzerland!

Where Can I Use Ethereum in Switzerland?

As mentioned, some parts of Switzerland allow the use of crypto even when it comes to paying taxes. Investing and trading are obvious options, and there are many crypto ATMs throughout the country, allowing you to buy and sell Ethereum with cash directly.

Other than that, you might find some merchants willing to accept Ethereum payments, or you can use it for engaging with dApps, creating smart contracts, and by earning passive income by purchasing and staking Ethereum-based DeFi tokens.

Our Recommended Best Way to Buy Ethereum in Switzerland

Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency right now, and one of the most important coins to have ever been created. It is very easy to buy it in Switzerland, and you can even use it in some regions of the country to pay taxes, invest and trade. If you wish to be a crypto developer, Ethereum is one of the most popular platforms for that, and while it currently suffers from high fees, developers are working on solving that issue. 

After researching many options, here is our favourite method of buying Ethereum in Switzerland. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Ethereum’s popularity comes from its use cases, such as the ability to create and use dApps, develop smart contracts, or even use its network to create new cryptocurrencies. It has great potential, which is why many believe that it is heavily undervalued, and the new upgrade might be the spark that will push its value further up.

  2. Ethereum is a cryptocurrency, which means that it is scarce digital money that can be used for making payments. It certainly has value, which makes it interchangeable with money, so yes, in one way, ETH is a form of money. However, it was not designed to act as a currency, but more as a coin that will power its ecosystem and products developed within.

  3. Yes. Most reputed platforms will insist on identity verification as part of the KYC regulations.

  4. Ethereum can be bought with cash at crypto ATMs and through peer-to-peer platforms. However, dealing with cash is always risky.

  5. Ethereum and Bitcoin cannot really be compared, as they were created for different purposes. Bitcoin was meant to be a currency, but its own scalability issues and high price are likely to push it towards being a store of value, like gold is today. Ethereum, on the other hand, is a coin that powers products created within its ecosystem. The only way they can be compared is by market cap and price, and from that point of view, Ethereum is still far below Bitcoin. Whether or not this might change someday still remains to be seen, however.

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