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Aave price in 2022 | CoinText

Aave price in 2022 | CoinText

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Aave Price Summary

AAVE began trading at around $54 on October 4th, 2020. The price would drop to the $26 level by November 5th before seeing a steady rise that saw it rise to $555 by February 10th of this year. The growth coincided with the DeFi boom and the entire crypto market rallying. The price would drop to the $316 level towards the end of February before seeing sharp rises and falls between the $316 to $455 levels by May 11th. The price would break out of the range, culminating in an all-time high of $666 on May 18th. Since then, the fortunes have been reversed as the entire crypto market corrected, with Aave losing 52% of its value since then to currently trade at the $313 range at the time of writing. 

Aave Price History

As DeFi borrowing and lending protocol, the price of Aave is reflective of how the entire DeFi sector has been performing. As DeFi activity increased and people took advantage of the opportunities offered by various protocols such as Aave, the DeFi market grew significantly. This is visible in the token price which saw a steady increase from $26—$555 between November and February. The price would go on to peak by mid-May as more money entered the market. Since then, a few fundamental factors have conspired to push the price down. Still, at the current level, the price is 12x from its November 2020 levels.

Aave Price Prediction

Aave might have lost 52% of its value over the past 2 months; however, the token still has an ROI of over 1000% since it's all-time low back in November last year. More interestingly, it's all-time ROI stands at  1776370% from its ICO price of $0.017. This means whoever got in a few years ago must be sitting on some healthy returns. That’s the beauty of crypto. You need some patience to profit, but not much of it is required as compared to investing in other asset classes. As long as the project is solid and the platform sees increased adoption, so will the value of your tokens. This is true with Aave, whose price grew significantly as the DeFi market took off. Since we are at the beginning of the DeFi era, it’s safe to assume this protocol will only keep growing. Other factors that will influence the price of Aave include the resumption of the bull market that many experts believe isn’t over yet and shrewd investors moving in to take advantage of its low price. Don’t be surprised to see the token revisit its all-time high sooner than later.

Expert Tip on the Price of AAVE

The price of AAVE is highly volatile, and this creates opportunities for both investors and traders. However, you need to understand a few things to make the most of the opportunities offered by this project. Since the price fluctuates a lot daily, trading can be used to exploit the price difference with great returns. Brokers offer the best opportunity to do this since you will trade AAVE derivatives with leverage. But you need to educate yourself on the craft to make the most of the opportunities they offer. An investor shouldn’t be overly worried about daily price volatility since most of the time; they will be playing the long game; however, by understanding how to conduct technical and fundamental analysis, you can move in and out of the market now and then to protect the value of your investment. For example, by converting your AAVE into a stablecoin when the market is correcting and moving back in position once you sense the correction is done. This way, you get more tokens for the same amount.
- Basil Kimathi

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Many experts believe the crypto bull run isn’t done yet. Based on this assumption we can expect to see the market resume its rally. When this happens, expect to see Aave revisiting familiar territory.

  2. There are many factors that drive the price of Aave. For example, if the platform has achieved a major milestone or struck a great partnership the price will react favourably. Also, sentiment within the market will have an effect. If the market is rallying, then the price of the token will also usually rise.

  3. Aave’s lowest price was $26, recorded 9 months ago. Since then, the coin has bounced back, currently trading 10x above the price.

  4. AAVE’s ROI currently stands above 1000% since its all-time low. Incredibly from the token’s ICO price, the ROI is above 1776370%.

  5. A $1,000 investment 10 months ago would have bought you about 17 Aave tokens that would be worth about $5,134 today. That’s 5x on your investment.

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