AC Bitcoin Acquires

Atlantic City Bitcoin has completed the acquisition of the “” web site.  This will be part of the Milly Bitcoin project to provide free support for Bitcoin users.  A professional production agency has been employed to develop assist with presentation of the site.  The “” site will have basic introductory material while will be for interactive support.  While the most common question is about how to buy Bitcoin and whether fractional Bitcoin can be purchased, questions are becoming more sophisticated.  Recent questions include how to set up web sites to accept Bitcoin and investments into alternate coins (Alt-Coins) which are Bitcoin clones with some of the parameters changed.

Other projects include to provide assistance for non-profits to accept Bitcoin and to answer the common complaint that people can’t use Bitcoin to buy food, to provide information for musicians and artists to accept Bitcoin, and the Bitcoin Information Center at  Other upcoming projects include to explain the various exchange rates and provide information about the various resources for monitoring the Bitcoin exchange market. will provide security best practices and is being developed by a Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP).



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