Bitcoin Table at Philly Punk Rock Flea Market Saturday

Atlantic City Bitcoin will be offering free Bitcoin support at the Philly Punk Rock Flea Market on Saturday, December 14.   Most Bitcoin events are geared towards techies and entrepreneurs.  This event will  give members of the public the opportunity to ask questions about Bitcoin while they do some Christmas shopping.  Atlantic City Bitcoin operates that provides free online support.  A wide range of questions ranging from using, accepting, investing, the what the future may hold have been submitted to the web site.  As questions come in the answers are provided in FAQ’s and articles at  The most common question involves buying a fraction of a Bitcoin.  Since Bitcoin is completely digital, fractions are used and a whole Bitcoin has no special significance.  Physical Bitcoins will also be on display.  Several Bitcoiners have signed to attend via

The event features more than 500 local artists, entrepreneurs and vendors of all-things-interesting, the flea market represents a wide cross-section of the city’s alternative culture.  While the event is labeled as “punk rock,” it is by no means restricted.  The event won a Reader’s Choice award from the Philly City Paper in 2013.  A $3 admission fee goes to support the First Unitarian Church and other proceeds from the event are being donated to to help young girls in Pakistan learn how to skateboard.


The Punk rock flea market in Philadelphia brings together vendors, vinyl and the city's hipster crowd.




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